[31 Jan 2016 | ]
What’s the next tech startup hub in London after Silicon Roundabout?

Silicon Roundabout has been the default option for many a new tech startup over the last decade, driven by its low rents, proximity to key areas of the city such as the City and Soho, as well as a burgeoning network of like-minded startups. Not to mention the abundance of independent coffee shops and speakeasy hipster style bars.

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[18 Jul 2015 | By ]
Pupils get money wize in the classroom

Pupils at James Cambell were excited and keen to play the bMoneywize game, an engaging creation by Dr Arinola Araba. Designed to change the way youngsters view maths it teaches them money management skills and how to plan ahead for financial security through play.

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[14 Jun 2015 | By ]
Universal Laptop Chargers – best invention since sliced bread

Sliced bread was amazing – back in the 1920s. Before they had laptops, there wasn’t much to amuse oneself with. Except for the wonders of how bread could be bought sliced, each slice with perfect thickness.

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[17 Aug 2014 | By ]
Review: Jamie’s Italian at Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre

Jamie’s Italian, in my opinion, is one of those places that have successfully combined tasty dishes but with a quality consistency that comes with being part of a chain. It is hard to do both – you get a lot of one-off restaurants serving great food, and a lot of chain restaurants serving mediocre food.

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[16 Aug 2014 | By ]
Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes at HKK

To mark the upcoming Chinese mid-autumn festival, HKK are incorporating mooncakes into their 15 course tasting menu. Mooncakes are round pastries, with a soft crust and a sweet filling, and are eaten in the month up and until the mid-autumn festival (8th September this year).

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[9 Aug 2014 | By ]
Review: Tapas Bar Mas Q Menos’ First London Branch

MasQMenos, a famed Spanish casual eating chain with 25 outlets in Spain, has opened its first London branch in Holborn. Now, there is no shortage of Spanish restaurants and tapas bars in London, but Mas Q Menos brings across from Spain an authentic and more casual style of Spanish dining than that we have seen in London so far.

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[5 Aug 2014 | By ]
Sunset Views from the London Eye (Summer Lates Experience)

If you’re a Londoner, chances are that you have tried to avoid at all costs the 500 meter radius around the London Eye on the South Bank. With good reason – as in the summer, it is packed with tourists trying to get on the Eye or into the McDonalds next door afterwards.