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Bored of Jogging? Try the London RUN-derground!

BY Boon Koh
Published 31 July 2009

Are you bored of jogging on a treadmill, watching people munching on Big Macs in the McDonalds across the street from your gym? Or do you find yourself lacking the motivation to jog in a park or the street because you’re too bored with the route? Tired of the same jogging routine or jogging path in London? If the answer to any of the three above questions is yes, you should consider joining the London Runderground group!

Sam Upton - London Runderground Created by Sam Upton, a 26 year old working in the Metropolitan Police Force, The London Runderground is a jogging group whose mission is to run the entire length of every Tube line in London, visiting all 270 stations on the way. He first came up with the idea while thinking of creative ways to train for the London Marathon, and in a way this brilliant idea kills two birds with one stone; first, each tube line is long from one end to the other, which is good training to prepare for a marathon. Secondly, it adds routine to one’s run, as well as a goal of reaching the last station on the line.

So far, Sam has managed to go to 50 out of the 270 London Underground stations, taking pictures of each station that he passes by on his run. He has also created a website and a Facebook group, where you can keep track of his progress as well as find out when his next scheduled runs are if you wish to join in. The one criteria; you must wear an item of clothing that matches the Tube line you are running along!

Nike Ipod Sports Kit London Insider Tip: If you love jogging, and was always curious as to tracking your performance and stats, for example for far you’ve run or your average running speed, one very useful gadget is the Nike + Ipod Sports Kit. The kit includes a small disc that you place in your shoe sole or tied to your laces which tracks your every movement, and wirelessly transmits the information to your iPhone 3GS, iPod Nano, or iPod Touch. When you get back home, you upload the information to your computer or the Nike + Ipod website, which then tracks your progress over time and calories burnt, as well as recommending ways to build your stamina, as well as being able to share your workout information with friends or family over the web. The software on your iPod can also be programmed to have a specific workout playlist, and you can even program a “PowerSong” to get you motivated when you start lagging.

The iPod + Nike Sports Kit retails for £21.15 at Amazon.co.uk, with free delivery to any UK address.

  • http://www.twentysomethinglondon.com/ Rachel

    London Runderground is such a good idea, very motivating.
    A good running playlist is also key. I always find Avici – Levels is a great running track.