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Rare look at the River Room in the House of Lords!

Published 26 July 2009

My good friend, under the pen-name Giramondo, has agreed to share some rare pictures and an insight into the River Room at the House of Lords, part of the Parliament complex in Westminster, London.

Hi Travellers,

I have a part time job working as a waiter with a catering agency, and with all the events that happen in the wonderful town of London, sometimes the jobs are quite enjoyable. Sometimes we get to rub shoulders (with a tray of canapés in my hand) with the famous, rich and powerful. Emma Watson, Boris Johnson, Naomi Campbell, and Margaret Thatcher are just a few people that have eaten off our plates.

By my contract and work ethics I can’t share the details of the events with the public, but I can show you some of the pictures I’ve taken from the venue of these events. Starting from the River Room of the House of Lords in this post.

The River Room is the principle state room of the House of Lords. Normally, it is not open to the public, with the room mainly hosting events of a parliamentary nature. However, the Lord Speaker of the House (currently Helene Hayman), sometimes allow the room to be used for events of a charitable nature, although the event must be sponsored by a Peer of the House who has to be present at the event.

The room overlooks the Thames and takes Whitehall and the London Eye into view. The night view from the room is especially stunning, seeing the Gothic façade of the centre of power of Britain from the inside can be a really intoxicating experience.

Public tours of the parliament will show the public parts of the debating halls, but the Parliament houses is much more than that, most Lords have a office in the building. I was surprised to find baths as well as kitchens behind the doors to remind me that this was once a palace.

To find out more about the rules and regulations about the River Room and how to reserve it, please see the following document here.

Feast your eyes on some of the rare photos taken from within the River Room by Giramondo!


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