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Socialite London – an exciting new social club

BY Boon Koh
Published 9 July 2009

I went for quite an unusual event tonight. On the surface, it seems like a rather normal event; I went with a friend to the St. Pancreas Grand Restaurant and Oyster Bar, had a flute of bubbly champagne and some freshly shucked oysters.

Only this was part of a “social” event, organized by a new members-only club called Socialite London. I was recently introduced to this club by a friend who found out about them at the Taste of London event held a few weeks ago. The premise of the club is this; sign up, pay a monthly membership fee, and they will organize sophisticated dining and drinking social events where its members can mingle.

It is aimed at more affluent, young professionals who find it hard to socialize outside their current work and friends circle, and who would prefer to socialize in a more civilized environment than a club or bar heaving with 18 year old students. The venues and settings they choose are fine dining establishments, as well as events such as wine tasting and BBQs.

St Pancreas Grand Oyster Bar

St Pancreas Grand Oyster Bar

At the core of this club, it is a sophisticated socializing club, with hints of being a matchmaking service for single people looking for a partner who isn’t chugging beer, still having acne, or still living at home with his/her parents. After signing up, you are encouraged to fill out your profile, which includes many questions about dining, drinking, and socializing preferences.

As a new club, they are actively trying to sign up members at this time, and it seems like an idea that could really work. There is nothing on the market at this time that organizes sophisticated events that does not involve lots of clubbing and drinking, and I really do think this club will find enough satisfied members. At the moment they are also organizing lots of free events for their members to get people familiar with the concept, as well as offering a special one month membership for £10 on their website.

However, they are offering a special deal if you are referred by a current member: 3 months taster membership for £10, instead of just one month. If you would like me to refer you, just send me an email at “blk (at)***me.com” and I will get them to send you an invitation email (remove the “, *, and spaces and (at) is @).

The club seems to have some pretty strong backers, and it seems like they are in partnership with TopTable, the big restaurant booking website, which lends them extra credibility. Seeing how they are new and will definitely be holding more free events, this £10 is definitely money well worth spending!