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Free London Eye Wheel Alternative: City Hall

Published 3 August 2009

London Eye Looking to save some money, have a large group, or just against the idea of shelling out the exorbitant ticket fee for the London Eye? Exasperated trying to find discount/promotion codes (there are none) or cheap tickets (none either) for the London Eye? There is a cheap (i.e. free) alternative that will give you almost exactly the same views, allow you to stay and snap photos as long as you want, and without feeling squished and squashed with 19 other people in a hamster ball!

The following is a post by Giramondo, a London Insider guest writer!

Hi Travellers,

I believe a commonly overlooked attraction in London is the London City Hall. If you don’t want to follow the crowd and shell out £15.30 for a “flight” over London with the London Eye, then the best alternative is this modern building, from which you can see the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London along the Thames. It, essentially, a free alternative to the London Eye, offering the same great views sans the hole in the pocket and the long queues.

I did an event in the nearby London’s Living Room which is booked out for charity and corporate events, and was blown away by the beautiful setting and surprised by how far you could see. However you have to try your luck with this attraction, as the public cannot always access the venue and balcony. But when no events are being held, the free access to the 9th floor provides you great views you would otherwise have to pay for ie. down the bridge at Tower Bridge.

The spiral staircase reminded me of the Bundestag in Berlin, very exciting to see. And the building is also fitted with solar panels a mirrors to generate energy and supply the city halls with natural light throughout the day. Feel free to browse through the photos below I took!

Till next time,

If you must go on the London Eye, you can book tickets online through LondonTheatreDirect, an official seller of London Eye tickets for £18 for adults and £9.50 for children. If you are planning to go on a river cruise as well, why not take advantage of Lastminute.com special London Eye + River Cruise package for only £26.10, a discount from purchasing the two separately!