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Have you tried Weasel Regurgitated Coffee?

BY Boon Koh
Published 3 August 2009

The title says it all.

Weasels in Vietnam are fed coffee berries (the precursor to coffee beans), which they then regurgitate, and the berries are then roasted and voila, weasel coffee beans! As bizarre as it sounds, its not as bad as the Indonesian version, called Civet Coffee, or Kopi Luwak. There, civets, which are a type of cat (and similar to weasels), eat the berries, but don’t regurgitate them and instead they pass through the entire digestive track and comes out the other end intact. The berries are then collected, processed, and roasted.

Apparently ( I haven’t tried it myself), the weasel coffee is much better than normal coffee and has its own special aroma. As you can guess, the coffee beans undergo radical changes caused by the weasel’s gastric juices, and the coffee produced is said to have a stronger and smoother taste. This unusual coffee is considered a delicacy back in Vietnam, and although expensive, does not cost as much as the Indonesian civet coffee which can cost up to US$100 per espresso shot.

Now, if that hasn’t got you desperately running to the bathroom with a hand over your mouth, there is a way to try this interesting coffee in London! Pho, the ever-popular Vietnamese caff and restaurant in London, are now serving weasel coffee at all three of their branches (Westfield, Great Titchfield Street, and St John Street) for quite an exorbitant price of around £6 per cup. However, you can actually buy the coffee beans if you wish to serve it to your guests as a post-dinner drink or have it at work; how cool will it be to finally see the expression on your boss’ face when you tell him/her where that coffee came from?

Where do they sell weasel coffee? Amazon sell weasel coffee in aluminum air-tight 57g pouches, with the beans already pre-ground, ready to use in a espresso maker or cafetiere! They don’t come cheap at £17.95 per pouch, but imagine the look on your friend’s faces when they come over to yours for coffee…