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[28 Sep 2009 | By ]
Top Movies to see at the BFI 53rd London Film Festival

Although the London Film Festival pales to comparison when compared to the Cannes Film Festival or the one in Toronto, nevertheless every year there are some independent film gems that is shown in London and goes on to become a massive success worldwide. But from all the films to choose from, which ones are must-watch and the top picks of this year’s festival?

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[27 Sep 2009 | By ]
Kulu Kulu Sushi Review – Best Sushi in London?

That is the question I keep asking myself every time I come out of a Kulu Kulu Sushi restaurant with a big belly. In many ways Kulu Kulu epitomizes the sushi dream for every guy: big generous portions, combined with cheap prices, and tasty and fresh sushi.

What more could one want?

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[27 Sep 2009 | By ]
Inside & Pictures of the Arsenal Emirates Stadium

Having been to a couple of football stadiums around the UK, I have to say that the Emirates Stadium beats all the others in terms of atmosphere. Even with a largely touristy crowd that night, the songs were in full flow, the chanting continuous. Those Gunners really know how to be the 12th man on the pitch! The modern seats were cushioned and much comfier than the hard plastic ones in some of their rivals (*cough* Chelsea *cough*), and the leg room was enough to fit an eight foot giant if needed.

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[24 Sep 2009 | By ]
Central Perk Cafe from Friends opens in London!

If, like me, you have spent countless hours over the last decade and a half watching Friends, then you should be in London to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first Friend’s episode! Although set in New York, the studio behind the TV show (Warner Brothers) have opened up a mock Central Perk cafe in London for 2 weeks to celebrate the anniversary.

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[23 Sep 2009 | By ]
Free WiFi at all Starbucks for Reward Card holders

In an aggressive marketing push, Starbucks is now offering free wi-fi at all its 650+ branches in the UK to holders of its customer loyalty program, the Starbucks Reward Card.

The best thing of all is that the card is free from ANY Starbucks store; all you have to do is to load the card with an initial £5.00 and register the card online, and you can log-on for free wifi as long as you are inside a Starbucks store!

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[20 Sep 2009 | By ]
A Typical Saturday out in London

Looking for inspiration on what to do on a sunny Saturday in London? The one thing about London that still surprises me after 5 years of living here is that there are still things to do, even after one has visited all the tourist places and done all the things that one “must” do while in London. Yesterday, I had set out to explore what London had to offer off the beaten path on a Saturday afternoon.

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[13 Sep 2009 | By ]
Snog Frozen Yogurts – Review (South Kensington)

You know where the tourist hotspots are as well as where teenage expatriate daughters hang out by looking at where Snog have their stores; South Kensington, Brewer Street, and Westfield. While the concept of Frozen Yogurt has been in existent for a long time, it has only just hit London recently, and the craze seems to have gained momentum in recent months, with Snog expanding (their next shop will be in Covent Garden), and with established eateries such as EAT and Wasabi offering frozen yogurts too.

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[3 Sep 2009 | By ]
Borough Market gets new raw foods extension

Fans of Borough Market will be excited to know that a new-ish extension is opening up this Thursday, 3rd September 2009. The Jubilee Market, which is the name used to describe the part of Borough Market that sells raw fruits and vegetables, will get a new makeover complete with a new transparent roof similar to the one used for The Eden Project in Cornwall. Essentially, it will mean that the traders who used to be out in the open air will not be at the mercy of the weather anymore, and in addition this redevelopment will create some extra space to alleviate the overcrowding on Saturdays.