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Borough Market gets new raw foods extension

BY Boon Koh
Published 3 September 2009

Borough Market is a place I regularly visit on a Saturday afternoon, mainly to just drool over all the tasty and amazing food on offer. It used to be a well kept secret that only Londoners know; but it has gotten more crowded recently with throngs of tourists snapping pictures with one hand while balancing their ostrich burger in the other.

Fans of Borough Market will be excited to know that a new-ish extension is opening up this Thursday, 3rd  September 2009. The Jubilee Market, which is the name used to describe the part of Borough Market that sells raw fruits and vegetables, will get a new makeover complete with a new transparent roof similar to the one used for The Eden Project in Cornwall. Essentially, it will mean that the traders who used to be out in the open air will not be at the mercy of the weather anymore, and in addition this redevelopment will create some extra space to alleviate the overcrowding on Saturdays.

Located west of the main area, traders in that area will be selling juices, vegan delicacies, special salads, and even exotic raw chocolate. The Jubilee Market will still be accessible from the main Borough Market, as well as from Bedales Street and Stoney Street.  The original Borough Market sells a range of all kinds of foods, from fresh (organic meat, vegetables, and fruits) to cooked (paella, burgers, steaks, ravioli, fish and chips) to other foods (cheeses, ham, breads, brownies, quiches, juices, wines).  It is literally a foodie mecca, and is a must-visit place for any food lovers in London. Prices are slightly higher than usual, as most of the food are from small producers and farms, and are often made from organic ingredients and fresh.

Borough Market will celebrate its 1,000th anniversary in 2014, and the Jubilee Market redevelopment is just part of the overhaul of the place, which will also include more seating areas and facilities. However, the whole redevelopment has been attracting controversy lately as some of the stalls will be moved and demolished to make way for an extension of a rail viaduct which will be used to increase the Thameslink capacity. One of the key aspects of Borough Market that makes it so unique to visitors (myself included) is that it is located right beneath a railway bridge, and on weekdays it is possible to hear and feel the trains running by. It is ironic that something that has made Borough Market so unique over the years is now causing a loss of some of the market stalls.

Insider Tip: Two of my favorite places not located in Borough Market itself are Tapas Brindisa and Neal’s Yard Dairy, which sells all kinds of cheeses. Both are located just on the fringes of the market, and are hard to miss. Tapas Brindisa is arguably the best place in London to get Spanish tapas, with a very fresh selection imported from Spain and serving the best Ibrico ham in London. In addition, Mmost locals in the area will be able to point out their direction to you.

Closest Tube Station: Getting to Borough Market is very easy, as its located just south of the Thames River in Tube zone 1. London Bridge Tube Station is literally just 2 minutes walk. You can also get to Borough Market from Borough Tube station as well, but the walk is further. The address for those with GPS is: 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL

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    The first photo reminds me of our market in the province. I miss going to the market at the wee hours in the morning to be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.