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Central Perk Cafe from Friends opens in London!

BY Boon Koh
Published 24 September 2009

If, like me, you have spent countless hours over the last decade and a half watching the TV sitcom Friends, then you should be in London to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first Friend’s episode! Although set in New York, the studio behind the TV show (Warner Brothers) have opened up a mock Central Perk cafe branch in London for 2 weeks to celebrate the anniversary.

In the show, Central Perk is the cafe in Friends where Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe would hang out. A replica Central Perk cafe branch has been built at 67 Broadwick Street, just off the main Carnaby Street in in the Oxford Circus area. The cafe opened today and will be there for 2 weeks, and anyone is welcome to go in for a coffee. While this cafe branch does not look exactly like the one in the Friends set, it does have the logo on the windows outside, has an actor playing Gunther, and there will be widescreen tellys showing re-runs of Friends episodes all day long. The orange sofa where the stars of the show sat every week is also present! Rare memorabilia from the show will also be displayed in-store.

This Central Perk mock cafe is expecting to see around 900 visitors a day, but for health and safety reasons are only able to fit around 50 people at a time inside. The first day opening today saw a long queue of “friends of Friends” queueing up to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What’s more, you can download a voucher from the Warner TV website to get a free coffee on your visit. The cafe is open from 9am to 6pm daily, and until Thursday 8th October 2009.

If you’re feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the TV show, a special edition 15th anniversary Friends box set of all ten seasons (each with about 24 episodes) is being released on the 28th September, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.co.uk or HMV. Both are offering the box set at 40% off the RRP at £59.99.

  • Manna

    Good i love you central perk

  • Leandro Vieira

    What is the address ?

  • http://www.london-insider.co.uk The London Insider

    The Central Perk cafe has closed down unfortunately… please read the article for more information. It closed down in late 2009, and there are no plans to reopen it.

  • Michel

    Why on earth did they decide to close it down?

  • http://www.london-insider.co.uk The London Insider

    I think it was only ever going to be open for a few weeks to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Friends TV show, and also to promote the new 10 season DVD box set. But it is a pity… I think they should build a mock Friends cafe somewhere that will be open permanently, sort-of like a tribute or memorial to the TV series so that fans around the world can visit.

  • Marcia Veiga

    Is it really closed?

  • http://www.london-insider.co.uk Boon Koh

    Yes, unfortunately… it was only for a limited time to launch one of the Friends DVD box set. Maybe they’ll have another pop-up central perk cafe for the launch of the Friends blu-ray box set….