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Snog Frozen Yogurts – Review (South Kensington)

BY Boon Koh
Published 13 September 2009
Our Review Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Snog store inside, South Kensington You know where the tourist hotspots are as well as where teenage expatriate daughters hang out by looking at where Snog have their stores; South Kensington, Brewer Street (SoHo), and Westfield. While the concept of Frozen Yogurt / Froyo / Frogurt has been in existent for a long time, it has only just hit London recently, and the craze seems to have gained momentum in recent months, with Snog expanding (their next shop will be in Covent Garden), and with established eateries such as EAT and Wasabi offering frozen yogurts too.

At Snog, the concept is extremely simple. All they serve are fat free frozen yogurts with minimal amounts of calories, and you choose from 3 base frozen yogurts: natural, green tea, and chocolate. On this occasion I opted for the green tea, only to have to ask the server if he had made a mistake as it looked so light! While tasting the green tea flavor did come through, but as a green tea lover I would have preferred a stronger taste.

Once you have chosen your base yogurt, you are given with a dizzying array of topping choice, ranging from fresh fruits like strawberries and kiwi to dry toppings such as standard nuts to more exotic toppings like mochi (a Japanese type of marshmallow) and coconut shavings, and finally to decadent toppings of cookies, brownies, and Oreos.

Snog Frozen Yogurt with toppings The cost of this yogurt indulgence depends on the size of the yogurt and how many toppings you ask for; the standard size Snog with 3 toppings costs an eye-watering £4.75; daddies with teenage girls in London had better try their hardest to avoid this place! Compare this to the luxury, top end Haagen Dazs ice cream parlour in Leicester Square, where a monster triple scoop ice cream will cost you less, and you start to wonder how Snog can get away with daylight robbery.

Nevertheless, I do concede that there is a market for frozen yogurts, especially among the very health and weight conscious, and the Snog shops are rather hip and cool places to be seen at. A pity though that the South Kensington store is rather on the small side, with barely table space to fit more than 10 customers at a time.

Verdict: Not for those over 30, Snog serves excellent frozen yogurts but at exorbitant prices. Nevertheless, it is one of the only dedicated frozen yogurt parlours in London and is a mecca for those who like it and can afford its high prices. An extremely trendy place for teenage girls and z-list celebrities to hang out at.

Rating: 5 out of 10 stars
Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt
Price Range: £4.75 per frozen yogurt for one

Main Branch Address: 32 Thurloe Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2HQ
Nearest Tube Station: South Kensington (2 minutes walk)

Branch 2: Snog Soho, 9 Brewer Street, Leicester Square, London W1F 0RG
Branch 3: Snog Westfield, Ground Floor, Westfield Shopping Centre, London W12 7SL
Branch 4: Snog Covent Garden, 5 Garrick Street, Covent Garden Soho, London WC2E 9AR

Website: http://www.ifancyasnog.com

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  • http://sohas.wordpress.com Soha

    Nice piece. I totally agree with you on the target market being teenagers who think that its hip and happening to be seen with a snog! The craze might end when winter hits London. Well, we just have to wait and see.

  • http://www.somainkinderland.com Andrea

    Hey, nice post! Yes, it’s about creating a (colourful) shopping experience, or, as they say in marketing: :”Don’t sell raw fish; sell sushi instead”.
    And very nice blog, btw!! Lets get linked! :-)
    I just love London…


  • Amy

    Not for those over 30?! Why?! I am 32 and have been eating Snog for a couple of years as it is also available at tinto coffee shop in Fulham.

    I had been so annoyed until then as I lived in UK several years and fro – yo just doesn’t seem to have ever caught on in Europe.

    Snog is delicious and extremely low in calories and sugar also as it is sweetened with agave nectar. You don’t need the toppings.

    I absolutely love it and keep it in the freezer at home.

    it is very pricy though.

  • Melanie

    Interesting to see how Snog fares in the coming years. I’m a regular at their Soho store. The prices are definitely high — possibly outrageous — but perhaps it’s also a fair market price judging from how busy they are. The stores themselves are stunning, and will always help Snog keep the upper hand on the upcoming “fro-yo” competition you mention.

  • Shearin

    Hit Soho branch earlier the week… would be living on it for sometime now that the South Ken one is pretty much round the doorstep….

  • Darren

    Love SNOG! I have tried all the other yogurt places in London and they are all cheap imitators of SNOG. I have spoken with the SNOG staff in great detail ( I go 5 times per week and so do all my team workers) and their product is the only one that I know that has no sugar, fat or artificial sweeteners – plus is organic

    It is not expensive at all if you compare how much a sugar full frap at starbucks is……

    check out SNOG’s website and go to ingredients – part of your 5 a day :)

  • Sohail

    Hey Darren, you are probably working for the snot company or you are on a commission!
    stop blowing your own trumpet!!