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Crowd-Free Oxford Street with Virtual NearLondon

BY Boon Koh
Published 12 October 2009

Crowded Oxford Street Love shopping but hate the crowds on Oxford Street at the weekends? Before, the only solution was to go on a weekday night or to the Westfield Shopping Centre, but now you can browse a virtual Oxford Street and West End and do all your shopping online!

NearLondon are launching a new website in November just in time for Christmas. The website is a virtual world that fully replicates Oxford Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square, and Bond Street. Most of the big high street shops have signed up to the scheme, which means that you can be taking a leisurely stroll down a virtual Oxford Street and see the exact same shops that you will normally see in real life.

The virtual shopping world will be a 3D duplicate of London, the British Capital, and all the shops will be in the exact same locations as they would be in the real world. Some will even have the same layout as the existing brick and mortar shops, for shopaholics who know where to find their favourite items! In addition, a Facebook app will be released and integrated into the site to allow Facebook users to meet up virtually on the streets and go shopping together.

NearLondon will bring one of the most iconic shopping districts worldwide to anyone in the world with a broadband connection.

Shops that have already signed up to have their storefronts on the virtual shopping area include John Lewis, Liberty, Marks & Spencer, American Apparel, and many more.

The site launches in November, and The London Insider will of course provide one of the first reviews, pictures, and in-depth guide to NearLondon! A trailer of the virtual world can be viewed here.

NearLondon - Virtual West End