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First Green Cab Company in London Taking Market by Storm

BY Boon Koh
Published 17 October 2009

There’s now an environmentally conscious private minicab hire company in London to help make your journey within London from point A to point B greener, and at apparently no extra cost compared to the traditional cab companies like Addison Lee. Green Tomato Cars not only use the Toyota Prius hybrid car across their entire fleet, they also double-fund carbon offsetting projects to ensure that both their cars and their office operations are carbon neutral.

Green Tomato Cars Toyota Prius

While the cars are different, the premise is the same; you can book or hire your cab ride by phone or online, and a car will be there at your doorstep within about half an hour to pick you up; no different from any other cab service and at roughly the same price. The only difference is your journey will be much greener. After hearing about this service, it is a no-brainer for me to switch to from my current preferred service, Addison Lee. But I wonder if the Priuses will be spacious enough inside for more than two people, and if they really have a big enough fleet to consistently get a car to a booking request within half an hour.

Green Tomato Cars is a relatively small player in the cab scene in London. It was set up in 2006 by a lawyer turned entrepreneur Tom Pakenham, who started out with only 5 Toyota Prius cars and now has a fleet of over 60. Still, I am hoping that this new entrant will take the market by storm and force the other cab companies like Addison Lee and Comcab to become more green. Addison Lee is an especially big culprit, as even when booking a cab for one, they send  a mammoth SUV that has the capacity to easily fit 5 people.

Tomato Green Cab is not only green, it also is quite tech savvy, and may actually be the first cab company in the world to offer Twitter Booking. If you tweet a booking in their Twitter channel @greentomatocars, they will reply back to confirm your booking. Simple and elegant.

To book a minicab, either go to their website, dial/call 020 8568 0022, or go to the @greentomatocars twitter channel for more details to book by Twitter.

  • J R Hartley

    Yawn yawn yawn. Is anyone really still being taken in by the hybrid ‘green’ myth?

    And half an hour for a minicab? 10 years ago maybe.