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Kurz & Lang Review – Good Bratwurst Takeaway

BY Boon Koh
Published 14 October 2009

Kurz and Lang shop front in Farringdon I came across Kurz & Lang when reading an old copy of Time Out magazine, and was surprised to see that it was just around the corner from my workplace. Its located smack in the middle of the drinking/eating area just East of Farringdon Station, and in all honesty is pretty much a posh German kebab shop.

I lie when I say its like a kebab shop… when you walk in, the white walls, glass front counters, and bubbly staff suggest more of a chain coffee shop than anything else. Behind the counter they have a big grill with freshly cooked sausages on display. They only specialize in German sausages, or bratwurst to use the correct terminology. I had a käsewurst, which is a cheese filled beef and pork sausage, but they also had the traditional bratwurst, currywurst, krakauer, and rindswurst (pure beef), as well as the standard frankfurter available for special order.

The process is pretty simple; choose your bratwurst, then choose the side dishes from a limited menu of bread, potatoes, or fries, and then choose whether or not to have the optional sauerkraut. They also have German beers such as Paulaner and Früh Kölsch to wash it down with.

Kurz and Lang grill counter kasewurst in baguette bun

My käsewurst in a petit baguette was probably one of the best “hot dogs” I’ve had in London, but its unfair as the other ones I’ve had were from the side of the road after a late night out, and at £4.50 one definitely expects the taste to be good! Still, the bread was just perfect; slightly crusty on the outside but soft on the inside, and the sausage was juicy and the way the melted cheese just oozes out from the middle was tantalizingly good. Still, £4.50 for a hot dog is rather steep, but could it be one of the best bratwurst places in London? Possibly.

The one redeeming factor for Kurz & Lang is that they open all night till 7am in the morning on weekends; a perfect tonic for a night out of drinking and boozing!

Moneysaving tip: If you have a TasteLondon card, you can get 2 for 1 on Kurz & Lang food, anyday, anytime except Fridays! Its not as good as a 50% off offer, but if you have a friend or feel like eating two bratwursts, this is an amazing deal.

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars
Cuisine: German bratwurst takeaway
Price Range: £4.50 for a bratwurst in a baguette

Address: 1 St John Street, Farringdon, London EC1M 4AA
Nearest Tube Station: Farringdon Station (just around the corner)
Tel: 020 7253 6623
Website: http://kurzandlang.com

Have you come across any other places in London selling bratwurst? Have you tried Kurz & Lang and have a different opinion? Tell us through the comment box below!