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Cheapest Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks in London

BY Boon Koh
Published 30 October 2009

One of the silver linings of spending a freezing cold winter in London is the numerous outdoor ice skating rinks that pop up everywhere in the city. It seems that every year, more and more outdoor ice rinks open in parks, squares, and really any clear outdoor area.

Winter has ended, so there is no more outdoor ice skating in London until next November! But thankfully, there are many indoor ice skating rinks in London. Check out our review of the Queens indoor ice skating rink in Queensway/Bayswater.

But it has also gotten really expensive to go ice skating too, with average prices of around £10 plus for only an hour. If you have a family of four, it can easily cost £30-£40 for barely an hour of family fun!

Therefore, I’ve decided to compile a guide of the cheapest outdoor ice skating rinks in London. Because lets face it, ice is ice no matter where you skate, and we really do all the money-saving help we can get in these dark times (no pun intended).  The following is a list of all the winter outdoor ice skating rinks in London, along with a brief description and the prices. Many ice skating rinks run offers and such that are semi-public, so I have not included any deals which require vouchers or coupons (e.g. 2 for 1 voucher from a magazine or newspaper for example). The list of ice rinks is ranked in descending order of price, with the first one on the list the most expensive and the last on the cheapest!

ICExperience Wembley ice skating rink 8 ) ICExperience Wembley

Adult Price: £15 (peak), £11.50 (off peak)
Child Price (under  15): £10 (peak), £9 (off peak)

A new ice skating venue starting this year, this is probably one of the most spectacular ice rinks out of all the ones in London. Basically they’ve built a circular/rectangular ice rink all around the football pitch, so you can imagine how long it is! (the answer is 360m long). Skate alongside the green grass pitch and marvel at the big stadium surrounding you. Tickets available from Ticketmaster here.

7) Natural History Museum Ice Rink

Adult Price: £13 (peak), £11.50 (off peak)
Child Price (under  12): £8.50 (peak), £8 (off peak)

This perennial favourite is set in the courtyard of the NHM in the heart of South Kensington. Boasting a decent size ring, it does tend to get crowded but probably the best to bring the kids to as you can combine the ice skating with a trip to the Science Museum nearby. Tickets available from Ticketmaster here.

6) Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Adult Price: £13 (peak), £10 (off-peak)
Child Price (under  16): £8 (peak), £7.50 (off-peak)

This popular ice rink last Christmas is back again, as part of a larger carnival taking place in Hyde Park. This year there’s going to be a circus there as well! The ice rink tended to get very crowded on weekends last year, here’s hoping that they control the numbers this year. Tickets available from Ticketmaster here.

Somerset House ice skating rink 5) Somerset House Ice Rink

Adult Price: £12.50/£15 (evening), £10.50 (daytime)
Child Price (under  12): £8 (evening), £7.50 (daytime)

This ice rink opened back in 2000 and set off the craze for outdoor winter ice skating in London. The granddaddy of it all, it is set in the courtyard of Somerset House and offers spectacular views all round. Tickets available from Ticketmaster here.

4) Tower of London ice rink

Adult Price: £12 (peak), £10 (off-peak)
Child Price (under  16): £8 (peak), £7.50 (off-peak)

Again located around an ancient castle building, the ice rink is set in the dry moat, next to the Thames river. The view is quite stunning, and wheelchair users are welcome here. Tickets available from Lastminute.com here.

3) Hampton Court ice skating rink

Adult Price: £11.50 (peak), £10 (off-peak)
Child Price (under  16): £8 (peak), £7.50 (off-peak)

Set in front of the castle where King Henry VIII used to stay, this ice rink is 900 square meters in area and can fit 250 ice skaters. A bonus is that the ice rink is wheelchair friendly. Tickets available from Lastminute.com here.

2) Canary Wharf Ice Rink

Adult Price: £10 (daytime), £12 (evening)
Child Price (under  12): £7.50

Located in Jubilee Park, you get breathtaking views of all the tall modern buildings in Canary Wharf, this is one of the more scenic ice skating rinks in London if glass and steel turns you on. Also a perfect opportunity to knock some bankers off their feet if that’s your thing (not that we are encouraging that of course!). Tickets available from Ticketmaster here.

Broadgate Ice Skating Rink 1) Broadgate Ice Rink (Liverpool Street Station)

Adult Price: £8 + £2 skate hire (all the other rinks have free skate hire included)
Child Price (under  16): £5 + £1 skate hire

This ice rink is located right in the middle of the city next to Liverpool Street train & tube station, but unfortunately it is really tiny compared to the other ice rinks. Still, it is perfect for City workers looking to do an hour’s ice skating during their lunchtime breaks!

So there you have it!

Most of the ice rinks are all around the same price, but they all have different definitions of the age of a child, and also vary in rink size. But Broadgate Ice Rink is the cheapest, especially if you have your own skates with you! Its small size might frustrate advanced skaters, but for beginners it is just perfect.

Some ways of getting cheaper tickets for these ice rinks is to keep your eyes and ears tuned for any promotions they may be running, and for vouchers in newspapers, magazines, and online. Also it might be worth checking Gumtree and eBay for anyone selling tickets for these ice rinks, as often people book but then realize they cannot go! If you just want to get your tickets now without any hassle, check out Ticketmaster who sell tickets for almost all the ice rinks above.

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