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Secret Burberry Factory Outlet Store

BY Boon Koh
Published 29 October 2009

Burberry is the ultimate symbol of British fashion, sold across the world and worn by millions. Personally, I’m not too fussed about their checked pattern, but their trench coats are absolutely fab and of the highest quality. A pity then, that their prices are so high. But, as always, if you know where to go you can find bargains for luxury brand name clothes, mostly at factory outlet stores. I went to a factory outlet shop for Aquascutum last year in London, and managed to get a really sleek black long men’s coat for only £125, with the official price running at £500+!

Burberry Factory Outlet London So when I heard from my friend of this Burberry factory outlet shop right in the heart of London (ok, I admit, not central London), I knew I had to share it with readers of the London Insider. This is probably the cheapest Burberry store in London!

The Burberry factory outlet store is located in Hackney, East London. The area itself is quite dodgy, and probably the last place you would associate a brand like Burberry with, but I hear that chavs in East London nowadays fancy Burberry, so maybe that’s why they decided to open a discount outlet in Hackney near Bethnal Green.

The factory outlet is located in a massive, nondescript warehouse, with no Burberry sign anywhere. The only clues of what is inside are the two big security guards standing at the doorway. The entrance is also down an alley.

But once inside, all fear goes away as there are literally hundreds of Burberry items for sale, spread out over 5 rooms. They literally had the whole Burberry range for sale, from shoes and boots to children’s clothing, jackets, the iconic Burberry Mac, trench coats, handbags, ties, wallets, scarves, women’s and men’s clothing, and accessories. I swear that there was a bigger selection than any of the boutique Burberry stores in HarrodsLiberty Department Store, Selfridges, or the Burberry boutique near Piccadilly Circus tube station.

All the products were on clearance prices, massively discounted from the original RRP price. And these were not defective Burberry products either; they were genuine, fully functional clothing that I think were just last season’s or odd sizes (e.g. XS or XL).

Burberry Trench Coat - Emma Watson Prices, for example, ranged from like £20 for wellingtons, up to around £400 for some of the trench coats, but that was still a massive saving from the original RRP price of £1000. They had polo shirts, blouses, purses, belts, winter coats, scarves… essentially it was like heaven, for Burberry fans. This Burberry Factory shop is a great place to pick up Burberry gifts and souvenirs for cheap.

However, one drawback is that I’m not sure if Burberry items bought there are refundable later if you change your mind, and also they did not have any fitting or changing rooms so there was no way to try on the clothes  before buying. Even with the massive discounts of up to 70% off the RRP, the clothes are still rather pricey and I didn’t feel like shelling out hundreds of pounds and not know if it fit or not!

Tourists in London loading up on Burberry items to bring back home can also get the VAT tax refunded; all you need to do is to bring your passport in-store and get them to issue you a VAT refund voucher.  For those that will be around Oxford instead, there is a Burberry Factory Outlet Shop there as well, in the Bicester Village shopping centre.

Address: 29-53 Chatham Place, Hackney, London E9 6LP
Tel: +44 020 8985 3344 or 020 8328 4287
Nearest Tube Station: Hackney Central Tube & Rail (5 minutes walk), Homerton Tube & Rail (10 minutes walk), Bethnal Green Tube (30 minutes walk, recommend to take bus or taxi/cab). Use the postcode in Google Maps to see a local map of the area.

Official Burberry boutique in central London address: 10 St. Albans Street, Mayfair, London SW1Y 4SQ (near Piccadilly Circus tube station)

Where to buy Burberry online: The Harrods online store, Liberty online store, Selfridges eStore,  all three of which has a wide selection of Burberry items.

Map and directions to the Burberry factory outlet store:

  • Ayo

    All I can say is thank you.

  • Hina

    Pathetic shop dont go – waste of time – collection is awful

  • Tom

    Where is the aquascutum factory shop in London?
    I only know of the one in Corby.

  • http://www.london-insider.co.uk The London Insider

    I don’t think there is a factory outlet shop for Aquascutum in London… but they do have a third floor at their flagship store on Regent Street (near Piccadilly Circus), where they have their deep discount sales. In January I saw trench coats there on up to 70% off RRP, and a good selection of sizes too. Worth checking out.

  • sh

    “probably the last place you would associate a brand like Burberry with” !!!! Do some research please!

    Wot snobby arrogance – wot fear? – afraid of poor people? – just because you’ve just found this outlet doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a history.

    Do you think posh clothes are manufactured by thin, blond waifs in Bond Street or Mayfair? or by poor people in the back streets of Thailand? or the east end of London?

    As far as I recall this “nondescript warehouse” used to be Burberry’s factory! – so they probably still own the premises – the east end of London was the centre of the ‘rag trade’ – my dad worked on duffle coats in 50s/60s.

    This outlet has been there since I was a kid (mod) – gosh, over 45 years ago – pre-history! It’s had a resurgence (possibly cos of chavs) but I thought it’d closed when Burberry’s stock took a nosedive (went out of fashion) and moved their manufacturing abroad (even cheaper). This outlet was always a coach stop for Japanese tourists who love all things Burberry.

    Nice to know it’s still open – will have a butcher’s soon – think about where your clothes are made!

  • Ekaterina

    Thank you for the post! Do they also sell bags there? Or it’s all clothes?

  • Elena

    Yea, they sell bags as well, but not wide selection of models. Prices are really good, as a Burberry fan I visit this outlet each time I come to London, the only disadvantage is absense of fitting rooms. Great savings, really!

  • LondonGirl

    Thats not very nice saying “But once inside, all fear goes away” what fear? I lived in East London for 12 years and i lived near hackney aswell and nothing ever happened to me! Maybe i could see why you was scared as non londeners tend to find the east end quite daunting (I know, I’ve got a snobby friend whos afraid of london) because its a bit rought, but you have no right to label all of us as chavs, that’s a really ignorant thing to do, assuming that we’re all murderers and on drugs when we’re not! I’m proud to say that I’m from london and thats that! And I wish I still lived there New City Primary school is the best school ever. In fact its better than my other primary school and thats supposed to be really good!

  • hello

    gd shop I <3 london!

  • Angie

    Hiya, I won’t be buying any Burberry ready to wear ‘clothing’ but am interested in their coats and macs. Surely we’re allowed to slip them on, on top of our clothes in store without the need for fitting rooms? Or is that not allowed?

    p.s. I can understand the ‘fear’. I’ve lived in London for 9 years and the only three times I’ve been robbed were when I lived in East London, (Old Street & Mile End) they took my Dior bag on one occasion, one LV on another and my iPod. Shoreditch chic and Hoxton is really helping the area’s reputation but the Hackney area is really further out to the east and no matter what you say, for some people who aren’t dressed with an East London chic look, you feel out of place and it all looks a bit dodgy. So I don’t believe the comment was derogatory or meant to arouse harsh feelings but purely just what the writer felt. I’m not posh at all but as a girl I feel much safter walking around Battersea or Camden in the early hours of the morning than I do in Hackney. However, nothing’s as bad as Brixton.

  • Jean

    Hi from Paris!

    I really enjoyed reading this original post & the comments – especially SH’s, who said her dad worked there on duffle coats when it was a factory ! I fell in love with a Burburry trench coat on line but almost fell off my chair at the price – £ 875! And they say Paris is expensive!

    I will definitely take a trip to the – gasp!- East End next time I’m in London, but would like to ask The London Insider’s savvy readers – do really upmarket shops like Burberry’s ever grant a discount on this season’s range? May sound like a “Duh!” question, but Parisian luxury boutiques will if
    a) they’ve had a bad day for sales,
    b) sale time (private & public) is approaching,
    c) you offer to pay cash with no receipt.
    Or d) you’re a supermodel, but sadly, that’s not my case.

    Would love to know!


  • http://www.london-insider.co.uk The London Insider

    If you’re up for some high end luxury British shopping, check out Aquascutum’s flagship store on Regent Street. Downstairs, they have all their new collection. But at the back and on the 3rd floor, they have loads of discounted trench coats, shirts, dresses, etc etc… all at 30% to 70% off! And it seems like this sale is on throughout the year, not just at end of the season. Of course, they seem to have more sale stock at some points in the year than others, but its worth a look at the Aquascutum store, as alot of the stuff is similar to Burberrys (especially trench coats).

  • Karina

    do you think the shop will be open at 31th Dec or 01st Jan? I will be in London from 31th Dec till 03 Jan and I would die for being once in the Burberry Outlet *.*

  • Jen


    Thanks for your insights! :) I’d just like to ask for directions from Central london, King Cross!

  • Mary

    Did you just get released from your Mothers apron strings? What a pathetic species of a human you are, scared of the East End one of the few places in London real people live. It’s people like you terrified of everyone that ruin London. As for Angie writing about Hoxton and Shoreditch helping the areas reputation (both areas are part of Hackney Borough) most locals preferred these areas as they used to be before they became trendy, before all the dumb yuppies moved in, raising rents etc and forcing locals to pack up their business and move further out. You lot ruined Brick Lane and Commercial Street and now you’ve moved to Hoxton and Shoreditch. Since before Jack the Ripper girls had been working in Commercial Street and around that area and all you “trendy” idiots moved into these areas because they had character and grit and turned them into squeaky clean areas, moved all the working girls out and removed all the character. You just think these areas have character now but they
    are just filled with idiots anyone with character has gone.

    I hope you weren’t paid for this article cause it absolute drivel. If you did your research you’d find out like Sh commented this was a Burberry factory some years ago and the discount outlet has been here for sometime! I can’t believe someone wrote such a bigoted piece of copy and I guess you think it was really clever. If you’re scared of East London you’re scared of your shadow, grow some balls . I’m 5″2 and 7 stone and I’m not scared of East London and before Angie says anything yes I’ve been attacked three times and locked in a cellar for days till I escaped but I’ still not scared of East London.

  • martha


  • Aisha

    Hahahahhahha, you really made my laugh Mery. You clearly have some problems. And to all of the readers, of course Hackney is dodgy, but do not worry too much about it as loong as you are not there alone after dark :)

  • Felix Diaz32

    Is it cheaper to buy in Hackney?

  • pastry

    i’m not scared of the east end… but i am proper scared of mary 

  • marie

    Until what time is it opened on Thursday-Friday? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/petite.diva Petite Diva

    is it still there? i’m going to london in sep.2011

  • Stefi248

    Is the store still there?

  • http://www.twentysomethinglondon.com/ Rachel

    Thanks for pointing this out… definitely worth a visit

  • Archie

    Do they have any of the Burberry Prorsum line?

  • Sarou

    I visited it today … Really the best burberry shop I’ve seen ! Just do not go with a precise idea of what you want, and you will be surprised 😉 good prices !