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[29 Nov 2009 | By ]
London Landmarks Created With Vegetables

The images in this article speak for themselves! The Good Food Channel has created replicas of all the iconic London landmarks using vegetables and fruits as part of a marketing campaign. The whole London skyline took 3 weeks to create, and involved more than 26 fruits and vegetables. The images are truly stunning; London has never looked so good… and tasty!

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[28 Nov 2009 | By ]
Golden Hind Review – Awesome Fish & Chips!

If you ever have a fish and chips craving in London, this is the place you should head for. The beer battered cod and the golden chips will leave you wanting more, and it is such a step up from the mass produced stuff that you find in most pubs and take-away shops that even non-lovers of fish and chips will probably be converted.

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[27 Nov 2009 | By ]
Queensway Bowling & Ice Skating – (Bayswater)

This bowling and ice skating establishment has been in London for eons, and is one of the rare few bowling alleys left in London. On my second visit there, everything looked the same as one my first visit years ago, and although it really is a typical bowling alley aimed at kids and office parties, this is probably the only place in London that you can go to for bowling, ice skating, and dust off your Dance Dance Revolution skills.

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[26 Nov 2009 | By ]
Borders Bookstores closing down for good – FAQ

Many a tear will be shed for Borders Bookstores as its stores will be closed one by one over the next few weeks. The London Insider has compiled a list of relevant questions about what will happen now that it has gone into administration – and what customers and consumers can expect in the near future.

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[25 Nov 2009 | By ]
Boulevard Brasserie – Review – Covent Garden

After going to this restaurant, I feel like giving up on 50% off dining offers forever! My mind tells me that there is always a reason why restaurants that give the discount do, yet I keep hoping to discover good honest food for a bargain. Is there no such thing in London? Boulevard Brasserie promised much when I looked it up online, but sadly it turned out to be a major fiasco – find out more in my review article.

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[21 Nov 2009 | By ]
Freggo Review – Argentinian Ice Cream in West End

Freggo is a classic example of how the hype and marketing buzz has to be accompanied by a solid, exceptional product, especially in the highly competitive luxury ice cream market in London. Freggo promises a unique experience; the best of Argentinian ice cream, served in opulent surroundings. However, The London Insider found that Freggo, while promising much, failed to deliver.

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[19 Nov 2009 | By ]
Pearl Liang Chinese Restaurant Review – Paddington

I have previously raved about this restaurant, and it is one of the rare few in London where I have been back multiple times, each visit so far for their fabulous lunch dim sum. This time, however, I decided to go back for a proper dinner meal from their a la carte menu. While some dishes were just fabulous, others were just so-so, but the drama of the night had nothing to do with the food – click to read the article and find out more.

Events in London »

[19 Nov 2009 | By ]
Ghost Forest Exhibition at Trafalgar Square

This highly unusual exhibition at Trafalgar Square aims to raise awareness of the damage and harm that over-logging of rainforests around the world is contributing to climate change. Real massive tree stumps have been shipped from Ghanian forests to illustrate the point, with the exhibition only stopping in London for a week before being shipped onwards to Copenhagen.

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[16 Nov 2009 | By ]
Free Coffee & Cakes at Liberty Department Store

In the lead-up to Christmas, shopping in central London can be a stressful, almost mentally draining experience! One refuge and oasis from the heaving crowds wherever you turn are coffee shops and cafes. Who doesn’t want to have a chance of rest their feet and slowly sip a latte, while watching other frantic shoppers rush to and fro trying to get their shopping done? Now, the Liberty Department Store has teamed up with Nescafe to offer FREE coffee and cup cakes for its shoppers, for one week only!

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[13 Nov 2009 | By ]
RCA Secret Art Exhibition 09 – Can you bag a bargain?

Are you an art lover, or see yourself as somewhat of an expert in paintings and drawings? Test your knowledge and skill at the Royal College of Art Secret 09 Exhibition! Over 2,700 postcard-sized artwork are up for sale, with all proceeds going to charity. The trick is that over 800 famous artists have contributed artworks, but you only get to find out the artist’s identity after buying!