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Arsenal to sell personalised engravings in new Armoury Square

BY Boon Koh
Published 6 November 2009

Arsenal Football Club are trying a new tactic in order to raise transfer funds for Arsene Wenger: they are selling personalised engraved stone blocks to Arsenal fans. A new open area called the Armoury Square will be built in Spring 2010 next to the Emirates Stadium. Fans can purchase a rectangular granite block with a personalized engraving of their choice, which will be set into the ground around the benches in the area.

Arsenal Armoury Square The granite blocks are being sold from £50 up to £ for the bigger and more elaborate bricks, and true Gunners fans will also be able to purchase a replica block which they can bring home and do with whatever they please (e.g. store it through a Spurs fans’ car window). There are limits to what can be engraved on the granite stone; obviously profanity and un-patriotic remarks (e.g. Chelsea rules!) will not be allowed, although apparently quotes like “ouch get off my brick” will be allowed.

According to Arsenal, the memorial stones at Armoury Square are a perfect way to celebrate anything, encouraging their fans to “Celebrate your love for the club, births, birthdays, marriages and more with a personalised stone at Armoury Square, where the fans and the legends will be together, forever Arsenal.”

While this is a clear money making ploy from Arsenal, surprisingly the prices are rather reasonable, considering that they have to spend money engraving the stones, as well as the fact that the stone will be next to the stadium for at least 10 years. The cheapest block, the Arsenal Single Stone, only costs £50 and will be able to carry two lines of text and a maximum of 14 characters a line in gold lettering. The block itself will measure 10cm x 20cm. How big is the biggest Armoury Square block for sale? £595 will get you the luxurious Armoury Stone, which will feature the Arsenal crest shield logo as well as 3 lines of text, measuring a whopping 40cm x 40cm.

Arsenal Armoury Square 2

Big stone plaques with tributes to the Arsenal “legends”, such as Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, will be placed throughout the square, allowing fans to have their stones next to their idols. The location of the square is right in front of their Emirates Stadium flagship merchandise store called The Armoury, where you can get replica Arsenal jerseys, souvenir memorabilia, and all things Arsenal.

The official site for Arsenal Armoury Square: http://www.armourysquare.co.uk

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