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Ghost Forest Exhibition at Trafalgar Square

BY Boon Koh
Published 19 November 2009

An unusual, grand exhibition showcasing the evils of rainforest logging is set to open in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London. The exhibition will consist of huge tree stumps from the jungles of Africa, and will serve to highlight the plight of our planet’s rainforest against the increasing pace of deforestation and logging for wood commodities.

Ghost_Forest_Trafalgar_Square This “modern art” installation is created by Angela Palmer, who wants to raise awareness of the alarming rate that entire swaths of forest and jungle are being cut down, increasing global warming and posing a threat to native endangered species that are losing their habitats. She travelled to a logging camp deep in the remote jungles of Ghana, who in recent months have taken steps to clean up its act. Ghana, one of the heaviest loggers in the world until recently, signed a pact with the EU to outlaw trade in illegally-felled timber.

The “Ghost Forest” exhibition will be displayed in Trafalgar Square from the 16th November till the 22nd November, before being moved to a public square in Copenhagen ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference occurring soon. The tree stumps from nine different trees will be arranged around Nelson’s Column, which at 169 feet is about the same height as these hardwood trees would have reached if they were still alive. At night, spectacular green laser beams will shine upwards around the stumps to represent the majestic height of the trees if they were still standing.

An interview with Angela Palmer about her Ghost Forest project can be found on the Time Out website here.

Admission to this limited time exhibition is free.

A video article of the exhibition from The Telegraph is available to watch below:

  • http://londoniscool.com William K Wallace

    I’m a wee bit disappointed that I have missed this, as I definitely support what these guys are doing…