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Paranormal Activity Preview – Movie Review

BY Boon Koh
Published 6 November 2009

I normally don’t review movies that I have watched in London, because somehow it feels like cheating, as this website is more about physical places, events, and restaurants in London that do not exist anywhere else and are unique to London. However, although this is a review of the Paranormal Activity movie, its also an article of how I managed to get the limited preview tickets (the movie is only out on the 25 November 2009) through a website called See Film First.

Paranormal Activity Movie Poster First off, a short review about the movie:

Paranormal Activity is a horror movie, made in the amateur style of the Blair Witch Project. Through the lens of a home “video camera” that the main characters in the movie hold, the effect was to make it real scary, as in it could happen to any one of us at home. The storyline is very simple; a young couple has just moved in to a new home, but the wife has been woken up and scared by a “ghost” in the house. So the husband goes out and buys a video camera to capture these “ghostly events” while they are sleeping.

The movie starts out very slowly, with a lot of character building which frankly was a bit boring; and the fake “normality” and humour at the beginning didn’t do anything to unsettle the audience expecting some thrills and spills. We finally get to the good part, where a ghost breezes into the room in the middle of the night and causes the door to creak. Then the ghostly visits become more angry and violent, but yet the young couple stays in the house night after night, never seriously considering leaving the house.

I was hugely disappointed after watching the showing, as I had read some good reviews of the movie from the American press (the movie premiered in the United States on the 25th October 2009 by the way). There was no climax, no buildup of suspense, no really tense moment where you don’t know what was going to happen. The movie was just too slow paced and the ending was lame, to say the least. I’m not really sure if I would have considered it value well spent if I had paid for the money, certainly not if I had spent £10+ at a central London Odeon, Vue, or Cineworld.

However, the movie was free, and I got to watch it a good three weeks before it is released nationwide in the UK. The seats in the Vue West End at Leicester Square were also very comfortable, with the theatre we were in quite modern and the sound system excellent. I was also greatly surprised to find that See Film First had laid out an open bar for all the attendees of this preview screening, which I have never seen done before when I have gone for their screenings in the past.

If you would like to see preview screenings of movies and films in London, you can too! Just register at the See Film First website, and wait for your first email to arrive with a special code to use on their website to book tickets for UK previews and premieres.

  • faty

    this movie was hella wack.!!!!!!!!!i wasted ma money….

  • Jack Deer

    That being said it was very good. Don’t go in expecting it to be in your face horror because it isn’t. I will only say this: The movie had one of the biggest build-ups in movie history and then an end explosion that will scare the crap out of you. If you’re scared of things like demons and wiji boards like I am, you will be creeped out.

    Overall the movie was enjoyable, but definitely not terrifying like everyone is acting like it is. See it for yourself, but don’t let the hype fool you into thinking it’s something it’s not.

  • Skye Hussain

    i was just wondering if any of you guys have a first hand experience about Paranormal in real life.~*~

  • Gabrielle Ross

    i like to hear paranormal stuffs because it stirs my excitement and imagination,;~