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How To Glitter Up Your Street For Christmas

Published 22 December 2009

Christmas, a time of love and care for our next of kin, of harmony and kindness, of loving words and… naaa…

It’s the peak time of housing envy more like. It’s never easy to walk past all those nice houses, still owned as one (rather than having been split into several neat little “holes in one”), but now the proud owners are really rubbing it in. They simply can’t help but showcase their beautifully decorated Christmas trees in immaculately clean bay windows. A twinkle for every room concealed from the noisy passer-by. Heaps of presents awaiting to be unwrapped, nay, to shed their wrapping, the paper being shredded by excited little hands.

I know this shouldn’t be the time for envy. One shouldn’t harvest bad feelings in a time of love and mutual forgiving. It’s just that walking past all those lovely homes, I can’t help but think that for some there has been more giving than for others. And I bear a grudge and start to wonder whether I wouldn’t make an excellent gringe. Maybe fellow Christmas-Grumpies would book me to scare away the singing kids? I would earn loads of money, become rich, buy a house and have my own massive Christmas tree…

Such were my thoughts when I was yet again passing by the very bay window that had sparked my envy in the first place. I wasn’t a good girl, I admit. Santa was about to cross me off his present list once and for all, but then I learned my lesson. The hard way, quite literally. Once again I was staring into that lovely window drifting past like the grumpy ghost of Christmas when – baam! – I made a rather painful acquaintance with a lamppost!

I stood there, bewildered, rubbing my aching forehead and staring from lamppost to Christmas tree, from tree to post and then inspiration hit, the fairy light bulb of an idea lit up over my head: lampposts are the new Christmas trees! Let’s decorate them, let’s cover them in tinsel, lets turn our streets into glittering (energy saving) avenues of Christmas, let’s turn each single lamp into an attention grabbing Christmas candle shouting “I’m here! Look at me! Stand and admire (and don’t run into me)!” It’s not too late. There are still a few days left till X-Day. Get your tinsels and go wild!

I, for my part, will now be off to change the cold flannel on my head and get another mince pie. I leave you all – the penitent that I now am – to a wonderful, merry Christmas!

Article written by Katharina Schulz