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City of London Fire – The Full Facts & Pictures

BY Boon Koh
Published 11 March 2010

Londoners woke up on Thursday morning to find coverage of one of the biggest fires in London taking place while they were stlll getting dressed for work. For the City types who work around Finsbury Square and Moorgate, the fire touched their lives personally as roads around the area were completely sealed off and the wailing of the fire engines could be heard even in the deepest basement conference rooms.

The fire primarily affected one building on the corner of Tabernacle Street and Worship Street, which was home to an exclusive bar, a top restaurant, and several floors of offices. Those staying at the Travelodge Hotel across the road on City Road must not have gotten any sleep at all.

12+ hours on from the incident, here are the facts about Thursday’s fire in London:

1) The Sosho nightclub, a celebrity haunt and an elite nightclub, has been completely destroyed by the fire. This is a big blow to London’s nightlife scene as Sosho was the winner of Time Out’s best bar of the year award.

2) The East Room restaurant on the ground floor of the building was also completely destroyed. The Sosho nightclub and The East Room restaurant have the same owner.

3) Four office floors above the restaurant and bar were also damaged in the fire, although less severely

2) The Prophet Restaurant on Worship Street has also been burnt down.

3) “The is one of the largest types of fire we deal with – we only have three or four like this a year” said Mark Blomfield, who is the London Fire Brigade spokesman.

4) The fire started at around 4am, and the blaze was still being tackled at 10am.

5) More than 100 firefighters were called upon to put out the inferno. 20 fire engines were present in the effort to control the fire.

5) The fire started in the Sosho bar in the kitchen, although the actual cause of the fire is still unknown.

6) Miraculously, no-one was hurt or injured by the fire, although the timing (4:30am) was probably the reason why.

The following is a picture gallery of the fire and the aftermath:

Article written by Boon Koh.