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Live Preview: The Bubble Show, Episode 3

BY Boon Koh
Published 6 March 2010

Hidden in the depths of The London Studio on Southbank is the set for David’s Mitchell’s newest BBC show – The Bubble. No, it is not another boring TV documentary about the financial crisis and asset bubbles.

The Bubble’s premise is rather simple: combining bits of Big Brother, QI, and Have I Got News For You. Three “celebrities” (mainly z-list) are shipped off to a luxurious country house in the middle of nowhere, and locked inside for three days, with cameras tracking their every move. Sounds like Big Brother, doesn’t it? The difference is that they don’t have access to phones, televisions, internet, or even a simple old radio. Instead, they’re in this “bubble”, cocooned away from the rest of the world. If they manage to survive the three days living with two our prima donnas, they get whisked to The Bubble studios next door to the Royal Festival Hall.

It is here where the true show begins; David Mitchell, as host of the show, takes delight in presenting a bizarre mixture of true and made up news from the past three days, and watching the three celebrities in the hot seat try to figure out which stories are true and which ones are complete bollocks.

The London Insider was lucky enough to get free tickets to be part of the exclusive audience to watch the recording of episode three of The Bubble, which is coming out at various times over the next week (see schedule below). For fans of the show, they will be delighted to find out that the set of the show looks as equally impressive live as it does on TV, but unfortunately those very real looking bookcases and bookshelves in the background are totally fake and just cardboard props. The show, although it is only on for about 30 minutes on TV, took about two and a half hours to record, with many of the most juiciest, sexually suggestive, vulgar banter bound to edited out of the final director’s cut.

We can reveal in this preview that in this recording of episode three of the first season, Andy Hamilton, Clive Anderson, and Sarah Millican are the three unlucky personalities to be on. Sarah Millican was a last minute addition, as poor Sue Perkins, originally meant to be on this week’s episode, fell down the stairs and bruised her ribs, so she will be on episode 4 next week instead.

As with most comedy news-quiz shows, there’s not much of a plot to reveal, and the fun is in actually watching the slapstick humour and jokes. But needless to say, bits that will definitely be cut and edited out from the live preview include a conversation involving jellied eels, rape, murder, and EastEnders!

However, we can reveal a teaser from the show: tune in to BBC Two next week to watch The Bubble if you want to find out the connection between Sarah Millican and gorillas in bikinis!

The Bubble TV Schedule – Episode Three:
6th March 2010 – BBC Two (Wales) – 22:00
10th March 2010 – BBC Two (England and Wales) – 23:20
10th March 2010 – BBC Two (Northern Ireland) – 23:50
11th March 2010 – BBC Two (Scotland) – 00:20

The Bubble episode 3 will be available on the BBC iPlayer here. Episode 2 is currently available here.

Preview article written by Boon Koh.