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Green and Punctual – The Perfect Cab Company?

BY Boon Koh
Published 9 April 2010

A few months ago we wrote about this new cab service that has set up in London called Green Tomato Cars, excitedly reporting that we could travel green around the capital in one of their Prius Hybrids. It turns out that a few months later, they’re doing extremely well, and have launched their second assault on the bane of cab passengers: late cab hire pickups.

Their new campaign, “Time Is Money” (or TIM for short) is very simple. If a Green Tomato Car arrives late, the company will pay compensation by reducing the account customer’s fare by 30 pence for every minute they are left waiting, starting from the very first minute (whereas if customers keep a Green Tomato Car waiting, they will not pay a penny so long as they are on-board within 10 minutes of the requested pick-up time).

In the last six months alone, the company has introduced three industry “firsts” – TIM, in car Wi-Fi and Twitter bookings, which only goes to underline its commitment to meeting and exceeding its customers’ expectations and driving innovation within the sector. And whilst the company understands that a discount is not as good as actually being on time, it is determined to find ways in which it is able to give its loyal customers something back.

As co-founder Jonny Goldstone explains, “We are constantly striving to deliver the highest levels of quality and reliability for all of our passengers, and are proud of the fact that 99% of all of our pre-booked and short notice taxis are on time or early. However, for those rare occasions when we are not, we felt it was important to show our customers how much we care. We know how important punctuality is, so we have decided to put our money where our mouth is. Our unique ‘Time is Money’ policy allows us to do just that.”

As the first private hire service in the UK to offer such a punctual-guarantee service, Green Tomato Cars has worked hard to ensure that getting compensation and claiming the money back is as easy as possible for its customers. Accordingly, customers are able to contact Green Tomato Cars online, by email or by text; citing their reference number, name, requested pick up time and actual pick up time, and the money is then credited back to their account quickly and without quibble!

About: Green Tomato Cars became the first exclusively environmentally friendly private hire service in London when it launched its operations in March 2006. It now counts over 100 Toyota Prius in its fleet, which operates 24/7 across London and the Home Counties.

To make a cab hire booking: 020 8568 0022 or visit www.twitter.com/greentomatocars