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The Moscow State Circus Tour Comes to London

Published 12 April 2010

One of the most famous circuses of the world, the Moscow State Circus, is coming to London to present the world premier of their new show, LEGENDA, giving the opportunity to immerse into Russian culture and history.

While Cirque Du Soleil is stealing the international circus limelight with its modern circus acrobatic shows, the Moscow State Circus is arguably more stunning and better skilled, wowing audiences worldwide with their old-school circus tricks and acrobatic dances. The circus has played an important role in Russia since the 18th century and in our days the Moscow State Circus’ standard is regarded as being on a par with their famous Bolshoi Ballet dancers or opera singers.

It is interesting to note that an Englishman, the renowned horseman and impresario Charles Hughes, also contributed to this popularity. Once while performing for the court of Catherine the Great, his group of circus entertainers impressed her to the extent that she ordered two circus rings to be built immediately. Hughes’ performers gave birth to the contemporary Russian circus we know today.

We are privileged to experience this spectacular new live show that focuses on the legendary folklore Russian figure, Rasputin, and combines classical and contemporary circus at its very best. His controversial life and dreams, sometimes said to be mystic or supernatural, sometimes bizarre and visionary, entwine the show; including acrobats, human statues, breathtaking balancing actions, and circus clowns. One of the highlights of the show will see a wife shoot an apple perched precariously on her husband’s head – with not just crossbow, but with seven simultaneous crossbows.

Just as Rasputin escaped from the chaos of the early 20th-century Russia with his dreams and visions, we can also escape from the 21st-century reality and share his dreams, full of beauty and laughter, with the help of the Moscow State Circus and their new show in London called LEGENDA. All hosted by Rasputin himself!

Having spent a long period of my life in Moscow, and having the privilege to enjoy its impressive art performances, including one of the shows by this very same Moscow State Circus, I am certain that this is one of the highest quality shows you would ever see.

See you later or Do vstrechi! as the Russians say.

Dates and Venues:
1-11 April
Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill entrance, Wood Green, N22 7AY

15-25 April
Richmond upon Thames, Old Deer Park, Twickenham Road, TW9 2SF

Ticket prices: from £7 to £27.

Buy tickets through Ticketmaster, who have tickets for the Old Deer Park in Richmond and various other venues nationwide.

Article written by Adrienn Gecse.

  • Жужи

    До встречи !!! :-)

  • Adrienn

    The performance was wonderful last night, go and see them!!