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Frae: Frozen Yoghurt, Naturally…

Published 28 April 2010

The dreary London weather may not be much of an indication that summer’s on its way, but the re-opening of last year’s frozen yoghurt start-up Frae certainly is.

Businessmen-cum-entrepreneurs Martyn and Donald opened their ambitious venture to London’s public on Angel’s fashionable Camden Passage last summer and have well and truly found their unique selling point (USP). Frozen yoghurt (or FroYo as someone a little too trendy for their own good might say) isn’t as common in the UK as it is in the States or Australia, but there is still a few places to be found around London (Snog, for one, Yu-foria for another, and Itsu with their green tea frozen yoghurt). The guys at Frae, though, will proudly tell you what makes them stand out.

Along with being fat free, Frae is also completely additive-free and made from fresh, organic yoghurt. They have two flavours – natural and green tea, and the only things they add are a little organic sugar and the matcha Japanese green tea powder if required, giving a ‘meaty’, just slightly bitter flavour which radiates healthiness and becomes quite addictive. In comparison, other un-named frozen yoghurt brands are apparently happy to use powdered yoghurt, sweeteners, E-numbers and the like; rumour has it that some are even unwilling to disclose their ingredients to customers, whilst others have been found to be just as calorific as their full fat ice-cream cousins.

In Frae’s  frozen yoghurt, the freshness and purity is evident. A slightly sour tang comes from the 100% organic yoghurt, but there’s no cloying sweetness and certainly none of the grainy, powdery texture which can sometimes be found. Light, smooth and ice-free, it’s the yoghurt equivalent of a soft-ice, only natural and healthy.

Having chosen to do just two flavours and to do them well rather than play around with an array of colours and flavours, the real variety at Frae comes in the toppings. There’s a host of locally bought exotic fruit and berries for those determined to keep it healthy, whilst granola offers more sustenance and bites of brownies, cookies or chocolate chips are on hand for a bit of balanced indulgence. Choose your base frogurt then choose your toppings for a completely personalised yoghurt experience – or alternatively select one of the favourite popular combinations which are helpfully chalked up on the wall. Well recommended are the Frae Red with strawberries and raspberries or the Frae Blue with blueberries, granola and honey.

Served in recycled cardboard pots with starch spoons, the frozen yoghurt’s are not only good for you and the environment, but good to go.  Eating in (or on the pavement surrounding), is a truly tranquil experience if you have the time, with the small cafe specialising in chill-out chic providing magazines and newspapers along with cool music, fresh smoothies and some rather good coffee.

A visit to Frae at the address below is highly recommended. As for the other frozen yoghurt companies out there, let us know how you shape up. Are you proud of what’s in your pot?

Price: A regular size Frae frozen yoghurt with two toppings costs £3.95. Not cheap, but the ingredients are top notch.

Address: 27 Camden Passage, Islington, N1 8EA
Nearest Tube Station: Angel (5 mins walk)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Sun-Thur; 11am – 11pm fri & sat
Website: www.frae.co.uk

Article written by Ben Norum.

  • Darren

    I dont like Frae – it is full of sugar and the owners spend all their time cutting down the other frozen yogurt companies

    not good Karma guys

  • http://www.frae.co.uk/ Donald Murray

    To the Snog representative that is attempting to defile FRAE’s good reputation,

    People are not stupid – they know a fake profile when they see one. Anyone reading this review that is a genuine blogger will look at other companies that “Darren” has commented on and smell the stench of your jealousy and impropriety.

    Concentrate on your own business. We’ll concentrate on ours.

    Donald Murray

    Owner of FRAE

    Email me at donald@frae:disqus .co.uk if you would like to have a grown up discussion about this. 

  • Scottd

    HAHA – your a real loser mate. Do you think the owners of Snog care about your little company. You buy your junk from PLAS Farms where Nandos gets theirs as well and it is anything but 100% Organic – People call PlAS Farrns and ask about the strawberry frozen yogurt 
    I went to your shop and you proceeded to cut down Yog, Snog and Yuforia so that si why I am anti you

  • CarolFreeman

    FRAE ARE NOT ORGANIC, i have recently been digging deep into businesses that claim to be Organic and stumbled upon FRAE a few months ago. After visiting both stores and asking the staff if the Yogurt was ORGANIC as I am intolerant to non organic products. Staff clearly responded NO, which led me to ask the owners via Facebook. They still have not answered and surprisingly it seems that they have changed their branding from FRAE ORGANIC FROZEN YOGURT to FRAE NATURAL FROZEN YOGURT and there is no longer any mention of ORGANIC. This is a disgrace and i can not believe companies are getting away with such false advertising especially when health issues are at risk!!!