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Ted Baker Sample Sale – Spring 2010

BY Boon Koh
Published 14 April 2010

It has hard to miss all the advertising for the Ted Baker Sample sale that took place today and taking place again tomorrow as well. There was the website, as well as the email newsletter, and of course lots and lots of advertising in The London Metro as well as The Evening Standard, the two morning and evening freesheets given out on London transport.

Called Ted’s Sample Sale, this event piqued my interest, as I quite like the Ted Baker style and was in need of some smart casual shirts. My wardrobe recently has been quite extreme of late; I have a large collection of business shirts to wear to work, and also many t-shirts and casual long sleeves, but just nothing that has buttons up the middle but a casual look to it.

I tried to go early on Wednesday morning before work to beat the queue, but alas the temptation of sleep was too great. Arriving at The Camden Centre at around 6:45pm on Wednesday evening, I found a very long queue snaking out from the door, everyone nervously waiting and eager to get in. At that point, I didn’t hold much hope of finding anything good left in a medium size, as the sale had seemed very popular and in this economic climate, who doesn’t love a bargain? Hunting for a rock bottom discount is the new past time for even the comfortable middle classes.

Inside, I was struck by how wonderfully decorated the ceiling of The Camden Centre was, but that awe was soon broken by the sight of rows and rows of clothes hung haphazardly, with people rushing between the aisles like in a small hamster maze. Even at the end of the day, there was still plenty of clothes on the racks, although it was soon evident that all the prized long sleeved Ted Baker shirts had disappeared, with only short sleeved shirts left on the racks.

There was also lots of suits left, although fewer suit bottoms, and none sold together and so quite impossible to pair the same design with the right sizes. Half of the room were men’s clothes, and the other half were women’s, with skirts, dresses, tops, and belts dominating. Over on a few racks in the middle there were jeans, but most were waist 30 and “L” length, which would only fit a stick man (or a stick woman for that matter!).

Pricewise, there was just one price for all the clothing items that fell into a particular category. For example, Men’s shirts were £25 – some of them had original prices of around £70. Suit jackets were £40, and t-shirts were £10. They even had a small selection of kid’s clothes available, as well as lots of tacky accessories.

In terms of selection, there was not much to excite the bargain hunter; in fact, some of the clothes seem to be from the 2006 season, and so I can only imagine that the Ted Baker management has been rather like a scrooge and saving all the left over items since then, in the hope that they would one day be able to sell it off at a clearance sale like today to some unwitting bargain shopper.

The sale is on again tomorrow, Thursday 15th April, from 8am till 8pm. Its at The Camden Centre on Bidborough Street, a few minutes walk from the nearest tube station which is Kings Cross St Pancras. You should bring a voucher from the website available here, and also lots of cash – as the checkout queue is much shorter. It is a bit though that Ted Baker doesn’t have a factory outlet store like Burberry does in London.

Exclusive pictures from the Ted Baker Sample Sale in London:

Article written by Boon Koh.