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Harrys Rubber Shoes

Published 30 May 2010

The mark of a Harrys of London shoe is understated quality. Shunning the now fashionable trend of scrawling a brand’s logo and/or initials visibly for all to see, Harrys have opted to distinguish their shoes with a heron on the sole. Harry’s of London is above all, subtle. The brand combines dapper style with comfort, infusing rubber and leather soles together.

Creative Director Kevin Martel has maintained the philosophy of the brand since taking over from Matthew Mellon in 2005 and has taken it from strength to strength.

Founded in 2001, the first Harrys of London store opened in 2008. The shoes are made in Italy and are made out of a variety of animal skins and cotton. Combing comfort with style you will always find rubber somewhere on the soles of a Harrys shoe. The ‘Windsurf’ outsole is the brand’s signature sole, which was designed in conjunction with Vibram Italy. Its design is based on that used for performance windsurfing shoes hence its name.  Another sole which is used by the company is a rubber injected leather sole which has a leather sole that has been injected with a thin rubber island culminating in the leather and rubber literally being fused together.

Now in their 9th year, this year’s spring/summer collection offers nude suedes of grey and camel as well as brightly coloured ones. In Harrys of London you can find trainers, brogues, boots, flip flops and of course loafers. My personal favourites are the jet moc chinos with a silk tie trim, just when you thought there was nothing you could possibly add to a loafer to make it interesting. Another favourite is the light grey brogues made out of kudu skin. The leather is exceptionally soft and light. Kudu? I hear you ask. It is a woodland antelope found throughoput eastern and southern Africa.

For more formal occasions there is a selection of black and brown smart shoes. Included in this group is the downing, but don’t be fooled by their seemingly traditional appearance. Turn over the shoe and you will find a bright pink sole… I did say they were subtle didn’t I? You may have guessed these shoes will set you back quite a bit, especially the custom made alligator skin high top trainers which come in at a whopping £2,000; otherwise prices range from £250 to £495.

The Harrys of London shop in Mayfair itself is gorgeous as well. So much so that I half wished I had a spare few hundred pounds for shoes and was a man just so I had an excuse to shop there. The best way to describe the store would be a shoe library, like a sort of British Museum of shoe libraries in grandeur not size. It is an intimate shop located on South Audley Street in the heart of Mayfair. Leather sofas and grey suede walls only add to the pleasure of the surroundings.  Neatly arranged shoe boxes reach the ceiling with a wooden sliding librarian ladder perched on the side. While resisting the urge to climb up the ladder I full heartedly wished they made women’s shoes too. And low and behold my prayers may have been answered as I hear that a ladies shoe is in the pipe line for this year. Yes!

Store Address: Harrys of London, 59 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2QN
Official Website: www.harrysoflondon.com

More pictures from Harrys of London Mayfair Store:

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