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Nokia Giving Out Free Black Cab Rides

BY Boon Koh
Published 27 May 2010

Can’t stand the stuffy and hot London Underground? For a whole week from today until the 2nd June, Nokia are giving away free cab rides to anyone who hails one of the London Black Cabs that are covered in an advertisement for their Nokia Ovi Maps service. Once inside the cab, there will be a shiny Nokia X6 mobile phone preloaded with Nokia Ovi Maps to play with while you get to your destination in a cab for free.

This is quite a clever marketing tactic from Nokia to promote not only the Nokia X6 handset, but also their new Nokia Ovi Maps, which is like Google Maps and a TomTom SatNav mashed together. After downloading the Ovi Maps software onto compatible phones (which includes my Nokia e71!), you can browse the entire London street map, as well as see your location by the GPS chip in your phone.

As a big fan of Google Maps on the mobile, I haven’t as yet tried Ovi Maps yet, but I have heard that the latest revamp makes it a lot more user friendly than the previous version. Plus, the benefit is that with Ovi Maps, the entire map is downloaded to your phone, whereas with Google Maps it is accessed through the 3G connection and uses up bandwidth and is slower.

How to get a free London cab ride with Nokia?

Keep your eyes peeled for one of the distinct looking cabs roaming around London; I can’t seem to find out how many of those cabs there are, but I suspect there won’t be that many around. The cab ride is free to any destination apparently, but of course if you try to be cheeky and go to Paris or Edinburgh in the cab, you’ll probably get tossed out on to the street by the driver.

Even though it was a free ride and the fare was zero,  don’t forget to leave a tip for the driver!