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John Kenny’s Sub-Saharan Journeys

Published 28 July 2010

The first time I heard about John Kenny happened when I visited the Capital Culture’s Gallery in Covent Garden back in the early summer of 2009. His then exhibition ‘Portraits from Africa’ stuck in my memory. Even though he states that he has not received an art or photography education, his works are striking.

They are simple, but manage to catch both your eyes and mind. He has extensively travelled Africa in the last couple of years and luckily he is still curious enough to return again and again. The result of his latest journeys is his current exhibition titled Sub Saharan Journeys: Ethiopia and Namibia at 3 Bedfordbury Gallery which opened on the 9th July and runs until the 31st July… there are still some days left for the dear reader to visit the gallery!

The portraits of the exhibition were taken in southern Ethiopia and Namibia among nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists. This is the first show to feature John’s colour portraits, but my favourites are still his black and white works. Looking at his photos, my first thought was that some of his models look as if he or she had posed in one of the best equipped photo studios in London and not in a remote village hut in Southern or Eastern Africa, where the photographer only had the use of natural light reflected from the ground. John Kenny has beautifully captured the regal poise of his models, which poise is owned only by those who are in harmony with themselves and in balance with their surroundings.

Date & Time: From 9 July till 31 July; Open daily 12pm-6pm
Venue: 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4BP

See www.john-kenny.com for more information on his photo exhibition.