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Review: Storytellers’ Club at Battersea Arts Centre

Published 29 July 2010

There could be few more fitting locations for a bout of late night storytelling than Battersea Arts Centre (BAC). Set in what was Battersea’s old town hall, it’s a building of resplendence and grandeur, and the sort that you’d guess probably has a few stories to tell of its own.

But the building’s just the start of it. Ushered into a small (for a town hall) room, it’s time for the proper storytelling to begin. Sarah Bennetto is the host for the evening. This award-winning Australian comic now lives locally in the Clapham area. Her name, but more likely her brand of anecdotal wit, may be familiar to some from her guest stints in such places as Radio 6 and XFM amongst a host of festivals.

A motley crew of consistently hilarious comedians take turns in telling stories, all true but we reckon occasionally embellished. Intimate in terms of room and audience number, there’s a good bit of stage-floor interaction which adds to the spirit of things. It’s got the feel of a pub-based comedy evening, with just a little rowdiness included for good measure. The quality of comedians is much more consistent, though, and definitely worth the lowly £8 ticket price. Along with a fun evening out, we reckon there’s a high probability that you just might spot a big name to be, such is the trendiness of the whole thing.

We’d like it if the bar was a little closer, as several people had to make a downstairs dash for refreshments during the show, but it’s also this kind of informality which makes it what it is. And what’s a half hour delay in the starting time amongst friends?

The next show is on Saturday 31st July and runs from 9.30pm for about an hour and a half. For more information on Storytellers’ Club, future dates and the rest of BAC’s N20 comedy festival, visit the BAC website.

Battersea Arts Centre
Address: Lavender Hill SW11 5TN
Nearest Station: Clapham Junction – 10 mins walk
See detailed travel information on the BAC website here

Picture from Flickr (copyright Isabella Adam)

  • Zen

    the storyteller’s club ain’t that good – the stories are very hit and miss. if you are into real storytelling, you should try the crickcrack club