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Sketchbook Studio: Bringing The Online To Kingly Court

Published 23 July 2010

For an online quarterly magazine in its first year of existence Sketchbook has gone from strength to strength bringing their creative offering to the world in increasingly imaginative and innovative ways. Following their work at the Clothes Show London, where they were commissioned to recreate the experience of Carnaby Street, they have now moved from their Notting Hill studio into the ground floor of Kingly Court until the 1st August and have opened their doors to the public, artists, photographers and anyone of a creative persuasion.

When Sketchbook open their doors boy do they open their doors! Step through to a world where fashion, magazine production and artists combine over three floors. The basement is where the artists are camped out busy working on pieces which will be auctioned off at a silent auction on Sunday 1st of August. In the basement you will find the works of Annie Driscoll and James Ward to name but a few and have the unique opportunity of engaging with artists as they work. With twenty artists expected over the duration of Sketchbook’s residency in Kingly Court, the silent auction promises to be an exciting event with all funds raised from the auction going to charity.

On the ground floor you may find yourself greeted by photographers, make-up artists, designers and models. I happened to walk in on a photo shoot by upcoming fashion photographer Cat Lane, with make-up duties being managed by make-up artist Karn Chiko and models modeling Max C clothing.

Highlights from the schedule for this floor are the shooting of 15 year old designer Jermaine Robinson’s lookbook, Fiasco Magazine’s editorial shoots, and urban stylist Sarah Young’s DJ-ing and styling event. However, it is well worth popping in frequently as some fashion directors have asked that they not be announced thus will not appear on the schedule. Who knows who you might find shooting there! On this floor, Sketchbook are aiming to have three events a day which will lead to them creating a record number of consecutive fashion events outside of fashion week. Fashion and operation director for the studio, Osman Ahmed, described the aim of the project as to have the space filled “to the brim with creativity and artistic vibes”. For creatives, the fashion floor and the artist’s basement are being offered up free of charge.

On the third floor you will find inspirational founder and editor-in-chief, Wafa Alobaidat, at a desk with the rest of the Sketchbook team working on the third issue of the magazine. Not only has Wafa acquired an enviable CV, two of the highlights being a stint at Vogue Nippon and having launched a magazine, but she also heads up design agency Obai & Hill. Did I mention that she is nowhere near thirty?

Only in her early twenties, Wafa has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments. With Sketchbook’s third issue, The Editors Issue, Wafa’s ambitious objectives and her team’s excellent work continues. Expect features and interviews with the likes of Dolly Jones, editor of Vogue.com and controversial photographer and founder of Purple Fashion magazine Olivier Zahm.

The Sketchbook vibe is an open and creative one where you can pick up some free vitamin water – multiple flavours are available. Of the studio, Wafa has sought to “make things more open and interactive” adding “it’s just a matter of being in a public space where people can interact”. Content editor, Laura Sam, advises anyone who wants to contribute or get involved – be you an artist, journalist, photographer etc – with any aspect of sketchbook studio to “just walk in or you can drop an e-mail if you’re shy”.

Sketchbook Details:
> Sketchbook Studio is in session from 20th July – 31st July, weekdays 9am – 6:30pm
> The Final Event and Silent Auction: 1st August, RSVP by e-mailing rsvp@sketchbookmagazine.com
> Sketchbook can be ordered online from : http://www.sketchbookmagazine.com/index.html

Address: Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW
Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus station

Wafa picture credit: www.obaiandhill.com

More pictures from Sketchbook:

  • http://www.dismantlerepair.co.uk Cat Lane

    Hey, I was the photographer at the shoot that day and I was wondering if I’d be able to use the behind the scenes pictures on my blog? I’d credit your site of course :)

  • Ayo Tijani

    No problem. I have your e-mail address so I’ll send them over as soon as I get a chance. :-)