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A night out with Emmanuel Ray & Socialite Evenings

Published 13 September 2010

Thursday 26th August was a miserably wet evening but that did not stop me attending Socialite Evenings which was held at the Avista bar of the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair.  Thankfully the other event attendees, all 80 of them, had managed to make their way to the venue too. Having accepted an invite by the host and social butterfly Emmanuel Ray I was not quite sure what to expect from a social networking event. However I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a packed bar full of chatty, open and interesting people, none more so than the host himself.

I would be lying if I said that I pushed my way through the revolving doors of the hotel with a completely open mind free of any preconceived notions. Would my fellow networkers be in a maniac race to offload as many business cards as humanely possible? Would people only chat with me for 5 minutes and then flutter away if I proved to be of little interest to them?  Would I instantly be dismissed as inferior because I did not have any business cards to give? And is it considered impolite to just pop into a complete stranger’s conversation?

London, amongst other things, is a city where who you know can be just as, and sometimes more, important than what you know hence the plethora of networking events that take place up and down the city every month. There are networking events for lawyers, business consultants, fashion people, media people and the list goes on and on and on. The whole business can be somewhat daunting; however, in Socialite Evenings Emmanuel has created a fun, social atmosphere in which people can network as well has have a laugh and a chat. Sometimes the latter gets favoured over the former. On the night, in addition to Emmanuel Ray, Rebecca Cumaraswamy played hostess and was on hand to give out gift bags containing goodies courtesy of the Visionary Soap Company – a fair trade soap and skincare brand.

An independent networking society, Socialite Evenings has been running for just over a year now and was founded by the host Emmanuel Ray. The events, which are normally held once a month, are organised by Ray Clark of Crimson Edge Events.  As well as a goody bag, guests are served complimentary cocktails and canapés and enjoy 20% off the A La Carte menu at the Avista Bar & Restaurant. It is thoroughly refreshing to go to a networking event where the hosts know all the guests by name and not the company they work for or own, and where the hosts make it their business to get to know the new guests and newcomers. The mix of people at these events is varied, from artists to property tycoons.  Because the events are restricted to 80 people and the hosts will walk you around the room if you are feeling a bit “socialising-with-complete-strangers” loss, a night out at Socialite Evenings is a lot of fun.

Socialite Evenings is a great evening out which I would highly recommend to anyone. Even if you are flying solo, as I was, you will find that Emmanuel’s guests are equally as hospitable as their host.

While the crowd is definitely a fashionable set, Emmanuel himself was decked out in Nico Didonna and a Russell & Bromley man bag from 1962, they are above all enjoyable company.

To find out more about Socialite Evenings and the fabulous events they hold, visit www.socialite-evenings.com

  • Vanguard

    Some people have all the luck — and dosh, of course. :-)! How come I never get invited to these places? I feel so peaved, because I don’t get to dress up anymore. Perhaps someone will take pity on me and invite me to the ball — next time. I wonder if my suit still fits? Ha ha!!

  • Xavier

    I’ve been to one of Emmanuel Ray’s parties and it was great! For a laughable £10, you get to promote your business or service or just socialise, make great contacts, and enjoy all the free treats. It’s great in the current economic climate. Congrats, Mr Ray! Great write up, Mr London Insider!