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The Great Gorilla Run this Sunday

Published 24 September 2010

Get ready! Eastern and Western Lowland, Mountain and Cross-River Gorillas are gathering to invade London. 26th September 2010 is the day when a thousand Londoners, all dressed as gorillas, will participate in the 7km City and Bankside fun run. It surely will be a spectacle for tourists wandering around Tower Bridge or Tate Modern.

The Gorilla Organization held the very first Gorilla Run in 2003 with the aim of seeking support to protect gorillas. The organization’s mission is to protect every type of gorilla species. All four types of the Great Gorillas live in Central and West Africa and are under serious threat. They live in the most densely populated areas of Africa, where humans and animals both have to fight for the same land and their survival. Gorillas are losing their territories due to the destruction of their natural habitat, the rainforests, and as a result, the Great Gorillas have now became one of the most endangered species in the world.

For example, only around 250 of the rarely seen Cross-River Gorillas might be left in the world. But the Mountain Gorillas are also in a tight squeeze, and the latest estimate is that there are only 720 of them left in the forests of Africa. These numbers are tragic. To limit the confrontations between humans and animals, the Gorilla Organization works together with African NGOs to give local communities alternative solutions which help to keep the forest for the gorillas. Simple technology like new firewood saving stoves or water cisterns make a huge difference in the lives of both humans and animals.

The situation is pressing, but we still can have some fun while helping the work of the Gorilla Organization. A carnival atmosphere this Sunday in the City is guaranteed! To become a gorilla runner, there is only a registration fee of £80, and a pledge to raise £400 or more in sponsorship, all of which goes to the charity. You will get every support to be able to fundraise the mentioned amount and you will even get a gorilla suit that you can keep for ever and wear whenever and wherever you wish to do so.

If for any reason you cannot participate in the run, you can still enoy the Gorilla’s Secret Dance Party held at CARGO nightclub and broadcast live on FNOOB radio on Sunday, 10 October. You can purchase your ticket online here.

Details of the Great Gorilla Run:

Date: Sunday 26 September 2010
Start time: 10.30am
Where: The run starts and finishes at the London Underwriting Centre off Mincing Lane, EC3 in the City of London.
Runners will finish in 30-40 minutes (if running) to 2 hours (if walking).