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Review: The Ripper’s 5 Musical at Theatro Technis

Published 12 October 2010

Readers beware! The Ripper’s 5 is an intricate drama that occasionally makes your hair stand on end. The musical bit of the play has beautiful haunting songs and the cast achieves the effect to convey the drama within the story but, honestly, the whole piece is at times hard to follow.

It all happens on the fifth anniversary of the death of Mary Kelly – the Whitechapel murders’ fifth victim. Prince Edgar is obsessed about the killings and decides to use the help of a medium to bring the women back to life. He believes it is the only way to reveal the identity of the murderer.

Author Karlton Parris’s play not only has the haunting mystery of Jack the Ripper, but also illustrates a royal conspiracy theory. Thus, aside from the Ripper’s victims there is Queen Victoria, Princess Alice May and Anne Crook. Throughout the play, five postmortem photographs of Jack The Ripper’s victims hanging on the background wall gives you the creeps throughout the plot, recalling each dreadful death.

Riku Rokkanen, performing the fictional character Prince Edgar, carries the drama from start to finish. However, he is overshadowed by the brilliant acting and enthralling voice of Katherine Mount in the role of Lizzie Stride. Her character reveals the unseen story within The Ripper’s legend – the misfortune behind these women lives.

Overall, there were hardly any time when the choreography and the movement of the cast wavered from perfection; a testament to the hard work of the cast, who have been rehearsing since January.

The music as well is indeed a delight. A piano tenderly brought the songs chillingly to live, and the men voices sounded beautiful together. Louise Jay did well to come up with such a fitting and original composition, and you are likely to leave the theatre with at least one of the tunes stuck in your mind.

Don’t get this wrong, The Ripper’s 5 belongs to the out-of-the-mainstream business entertainment and therefore it is firmly rooted in the London fringe scene. But it is refreshing to see a musical such as this, one that does not conform to the mainstream sing-a-long West End stereotype. If you don’t mind, it’s a good opportunity to get to know a bit more about the fringe London scene.

Theatro Technis
Address: 26 Crowndale Rd. London NW1 1TT

Show Dates: 21st September to 16th October
Show Times: Tuesday – Saturday 7:30 pm, matinees on Tuesday & Sunday 2:30pm
Tickets: £15 (full price), £12 (concessions)
Box Office number: 020 7387 6617
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Official Website: www.therippers5.com

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