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Review: Juniper Society at Graphic Bar

Published 24 November 2010

The word society can conjure thoughts of exclusive cliques and funny handshakes. The Juniper Society isn’t about any of this, though. It’s simply about drinking gin. And if it’s drinking gin that you want to do, there’s few better places to do it than at Graphic bar, London’s only bar specialising in the spirit.

The society meets every other Monday, when a different brand of gin will get a chance to show off their product and guests will be able to learn about its history, taste and ideal uses. Earlier in the year, Bloom Gin Master Distiller Joanne Moore explained the botanicals in her floral take on the spirit, whilst representatives from Brockmans, Martin Millers and No.3 are just a few of those who have taken part.

The story of No.3 was particularly interesting. It’s made under license for Berry Bros. & Rudd, the world renowned wine and spirit merchant on St. James’ Street, which may well be the oldest wine merchant in the world. Its name is taken from the three fruits which are used in the distillation (juniper, orange and grapefruit), the three spices used (angelica root, coriander and, unusually, cardamom) and the address of the shop at no.3 St James’ Street. Whilst there’s no arguing with the punchy character of what is a quintessentially London styled gin with an extra dimension brought about by the cardamom, it’s a little sad that such an iconic London brand has its gin made in the Netherlands. This is another example of the fact that the term London Dry Gin has nothing whatsoever to do with where the gin is made – see our article on what the term London Dry Gin really means for more on this subject.

The next Juniper Society meets on Monday 29th November and will see Plymouth Gin take the spotlight. This is one gin which actually has to come from where it says on the bottle, as it is unique in being the only gin with a PDO (protected designation of origin). With this event being the last of 2010 before the Juniper Society takes a rest until the New Year, there’s even more gin related fun planned than normal. Plymouth’s Master Blender Sean Harrison will give a brief history of the gin before a tasting, and there’ll also be the chance to find out more about the most famous gin cocktail there is – the Martini, including how to make your own bitters and vermouth! To sign up your FREE place, visit the Juniper Society Facebook Page.

Graphic Bar
Address: 4 Golden Square, W1F 9HT (map)
Booking/Enquiry Tel: 020 7287 9241
Website: www.graphicbar.com

  • Henry Windsor

    Brockmans, the drink created by Kevin Crossthwaite!!!!!!! It’s perfect on the rocks. I think of The Titanic every time I’ve tried it!!!! That sunk without a trace too. Rock on!!!!

  • Lucy

    Graphic bar rocks! Did you know that they offer a great loyalty scheme via Stampfeet-the mobile loyalty card where you get a free cup of Monmouth coffee after 6 visits? Not quite gin, but still tasty (for daytime at least!)
    Check the iphone app out here: http://bit.ly/cwYF4H