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Awesome & Wacky Oyster Card Sleeves

BY Boon Koh
Published 4 December 2010

Following on from The Evening Standard’s article today about new commemorative limited edition Oyster Cards for Kate & William’s upcoming royal wedding, I thought I would dig around to see what cool and interesting Oyster Card holders existed to liven up our dull blue and white Oyster Cards.

Here are some wacky and unique Oyster Card holders to put the garish yellow IKEA ones to shame:

Knitted Oyster Card Holder

This looks like something you might get from grandma this Christmas! Your Oyster card works hard for you dutifully day in day out, and deserves a bit of comfort and warmth when not in action. Unfortunately, it seems like you will have to beg your grandma for one if you’re lusting for it, as this oyster card “sock” was hand-knitted and one-of-a-kind, and not commercially available.

Wooden Oyster Card Case

The flimsy plastic Oyster Card doesn’t stand much chance in the big bad world of London. That’s why it needs some strong protection – in the form of this wooden oyster card holder which is like a nuclear bomb shelter for your trusty blue and white card. The wooden holder is thin enough to allow RFID signals through so you don’t have to take the card out of the case to use it. Available from Alternative Oyster for £19.95, it is a bit steep for what is a chunk of wood.

The Guardian’s Oyster Card Sleeve for Subscribers

The Guardian’s special edition Oyster Card holder caught my eye some months ago when someone whipped it out; it brightens up what is otherwise a dull and boring tube journey, and is simple too. Made of plain plastic just like the free IKEA holders, its full functional and slim enough to fit in your pocket unlike the knitted or wooden Oyster Card holders.

Comic inspired Oyster Card Holders

Want something to read on the tube when its stuck between stations because of a signal failure? Look no further than these awesome Mickey Mouse and Little Pony Oyster Card Sleeves!

Street Map Oyster Card Sleeves

With a range of street maps for different areas of London, you can ensure that you’ll never have trouble finding your way to a tube station; just use the map on the holder like a regular map! Whoever came up with this genius idea should get a medal for public service to London.

  • http://londoniscool.com William K Wallace

    The Street Map Oyster Card Sleeves are such a good idea and I quite simply must get one…