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Treasuredays Review: Fun Treasure Hunts across London

Published 23 January 2011

Treasuredays’ hunts offer wonderful little nuggets of history and make for an enjoyable and informative day out. We tested two of the treasure hunt packs from their range, Hampstead and St Paul’s, to find out if they were any good.

Equipped with some good walking shoes and the appropriate outdoor clothing we set off on our first hunt in Hampstead, a beautiful part of London home to the rich and famous of the past, which the trail reveals, and also the present. However unfortunately for us I forgot to print off the pdf of instructions and questions so ended up using my phone as a substitute, error number one. Having said that though, with the proliferation of smartphones over the last year, a rich mobile app with the hunt instructions and map would have been quite good. Also as it’s winter and it gets dark quite early we weren’t able to see the hunt in all its glory, error number two!

However these were all self-imposed faults so keep that in mind if you decide to go on any of the hunts! The Hampstead trail includes a pub quiz detour but as it was cold we skipped that and instead headed for a nearby coffee shop.

After our poor planning for the Hampstead hunt we were more prepared for the St Paul’s and the Secret City Hunt. The trail takes you down some of London’s oldest streets and highlights some the many buildings that were damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666. On the way home we went past The Monument which was built by Sir Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London, which made for a fitting end.

On the whole the clues were well balanced and although we did make a few wrong turns along the way we were able to complete both trails successfully! The great thing about the Treasureday hunts is that you can go on them in your own time so I’ll be sure to visit Hampstead again perhaps in the spring or summer.

As a Londoner I found it a refreshing way to rediscover the city and I think any tourist or someone new to London will find it equally charming.

Treasure hunts for London currently include: Covent Garden, Secret City & St Paul’s, Westminster, Hampstead Village, Spitalfields & Brick Lane, Strand & Embankment, Club & Theatreland, Richmond Upon Thames (Richmond Green, Richmond Palace to Riverside), and Chelsea to South Kensington. To find out more, visit www.treasuredays.com

  • http://londoniscool.com William K Wallace

    Sounded like fun until I found out it cost 25 quid! If you have money to burn why not I suppose and if the Hampstead Pub was The Spaniards Inn it is well worth popping in for a drink or 3!

    I would also recommend taking a trip up to the top of the Monument, the climb is worth the pain!

  • Billie

    Thanks for that, I’ve organised to go up to Monument in the next week or so!