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Tally Koren Debuts “Beauty of the Duty” at Punk

Published 9 February 2011

Koren is beautiful and looks stunning on stage, having left her career as a model to make her mark in the music industry. The first single of her second album was launched on a very intimate show at Punk, in Soho. “Beauty of the Duty”, which has already featured on a BBC Radio 2 playlist, is just a hint of what “72 Names”– her debut album – is like.

The song starts with a quite catchy set of drums and techno tunes, but soon is entwined with Middle Eastern vocals, which compliments the English spoken lyrics very well. Drums and synths fade out to a much laidback rhythm. Overall, Beauty of the Duty is a very easy-listening piece.

The mixture of styles is a feature in Koren’s album. She knows that, and has done it on purpose. She said: “I knew it could be a question mark for many people, but I want to give the audience an interesting album, a journey.”

The single was actually chosen by her fans, through a contest on her website. “Beauty of the Duty” – as with all the tracks in the 72 Names album – is based on events from her life. It refers to a range of experiences having left her home country, Israel, to live in Mexico, the States, and now London pursuing her career goals.

Influences from the various cultures are noticeable. “Gauguin meets Degas” has a touch of Latin America, whereas “El Hayam”, written and performed in Hebrew, depicts the very heart of Tally’s roots.

She confessed that every song was written to convey a single message: “The lyrics are inspiring and uplifting. I want people to listen to them and think: hey, I can make it!”

Indeed, most of the lyrics are simple, but powerful, expressions of love, hope and wonder of life. The music comes in a smooth fusion of classical stringed instruments (violin and acoustic guitar) with drums, electro bass and keyboard put together in a fine arrangement.

“Music is my life” describes Koren’s passion. Her high voice range has been compared by her singing teachers to that of Karen Carpenter. “It took me quite a long journey to find my unique voice and the producer that takes it to make it better”.

The album is co-produced by Yoad Nevo, who has in the past been behind Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and the like – that is, perhaps, the key for this album to sound the way it does.

Listen to sample tracks of 72 Names on Tally Koren’s website or on Amazon.co.uk.

Photos copyright of Anders Stromberg.