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Could This Be The Royal Wedding Cake?

BY Boon Koh
Published 28 March 2011

Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. The actual Royal Wedding Cake hasn’t been made yet, although The Telegraph has reported that it would be two cakes: a multilayered fruit cake and an alternative rich tea biscuit cake.

However, Visit London got together with Dawn Blunden from Sophisticake to make a replica wedding cake modelled on the steeple and spire of St Bride’s Church in London. Sophisticake have some experience themselves in making cakes for royal weddings, having made the wedding cake for the 2005 wedding of HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Conwall.

The origin of the traditional tiered wedding cake hails back to 18th Century London. It is said the story began with Thomas Rich, a baker’s apprentice from Ludgate Hill, who fell in love with his boss’s daughter and soon asked for her hand in marriage.  Rich wanted to surprise his new bride by creating something spectacular for her on their wedding day and found inspiration from the steeple of St Bride’s Church.

This 6 layered royal wedding cake, if you count the spire at the top as a layer, was positioned on a rooftop overlooking St Bride’s Church, in order to get the stunning pictures below, which actually shows how closely modelled this cake was to the building. The cake was then donated to St Bride’s Church afterwards, which was then shared with members of its parish in support of charitable causes.

Two great pictures of this St Bride’s royal wedding cake below: