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Preview: Daniela Brooker at 100 Club London

Published 31 March 2011

Daniela Brooker is a charismatic singer. She has a band that is a match to her talented, powerful voice. I saw her at Borderline in Soho a couple of weeks ago as she debuted her new single “Heart Locked”. The venue was crowded – mostly teenagers – but her music can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

She acts such a pop star on the stage that you can easily fool yourself as watching either Christina Aguilera or even Shakira. But, Daniela is actually a West Londoner, born and bred with half Venezuelan blood in her veins – and where she gets her Latin musical influences from.

The songs are fun to listen and pretty entrancing and rhythmic, ideal for dancing actually. It’s not just the lyrics what makes them so thrilling – which by the way, are written by Daniela in both English and Spanish. The best thing about Daniela’s music is the passion she conveys in every song. That’s what makes her so special.

The amazing fact is that Daniela Brooker is only 17 years old and already has a bright and promising future ahead. She is working with renowned producer Louis Reed from projects like Mary J Blige & The Noisettes. Paul Garred from The Kooks is also involved in Daniela’s new album as well as guitarist Rob Harris of Jamiroquai. “Working with them is great because the three of them are so different from one another, so I kind of learn to be open to writing, they have so much experience and they have helped me to shape the sound I want to be.”

“Heart Locked” is a bit of a rock song that has a hip hop start that smoothly blends into powerful melody. It is a hint of what is to come in her upcoming album debut. “I’m still recording, still writing songs for this project. I’m excited about it because I’ve only recorded singles and I think now I know what my sound is and I’m ready for the album.”

She couples both music and studies at the same time and confesses: “Many people think: oh she works so much, but for me singing is fun!”

This Friday Daniela Brooker is at 100 Club London, at Oxford Street. Tickets are on sale at ticketweb. Organisers have told all proceeds go to the Japan Tsunami Appeal, so there is a good cause, too.

Pictures in article copyright of Anders Stromberg