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Students for a Free Tibet UK Environment Conference

Published 9 April 2011

I am very pleased to invite our dear readers to the SFT UK’s first academic conference that will take place at SOAS, University of London, on the 15th of April. STF UK, that is Students for a Free Tibet UK, was established by British and Tibetan students in the spring of 2003, and is part of an international movement, a grassroots network of 650 groups in over 35 countries.

Their primary aim is to raise awareness of the Tibet cause with the help of involving students, and generally the younger generation, knowing that the youth’s role in bringing any social change is vital.

Their forthcoming programme is an academic conference on the environmental challenges facing Tibet in the 21st century. The conference focuses on Tibet’s ecological importance, and environmental crisis. Did you know for example that Tibet is known as the world’s Third Pole, containing the largest glacially stored fresh water outside of the Arctic and the Antarctic? The Tibetan nomads served as guardians of this unique environment for centuries, but the Tibetan plateau is in danger now due to climate change, the changes in living patterns and other external and internal factors.

These and other issues will be discussed by the experts of Tibetan and environmental studies. The event is organised by Students for a Free Tibet UK and Dr. Nathan Hill Senior Lecturer in Tibetan language and history at SOAS. The list of confirmed speakers is really impressive and promises an excellent day of lectures.

The following is the list of lectures and speakers:

Last Nomad Standing: Can Tibetan Nomads survive China’s Ethnocide?
Tenzin Dorjee (Executive Director, Students For A Free Tibet)

The Impact of Mining Activities on Tibetan Rivers
Dr. Mika Sillanpää, Tech. Eastern Finland University

The Great Transformation of Tibet : Rapid Labour Transitions in times of Rapid Growth in the Tibet Autonomous Region
Dr. Andrew M. Fischer, Erasmus University

Tibet’s Nomads, The Thousand Plateaus and Exclusion of Grazing as an Ecological Necessity
Gabriel Lafitte, Independent Scholar

Environmental Policies in China and Nomad Resettlement
Prof. Emily T. Yeh, University of Colorado, via video link

Grass-lands as Cash-lands: How Tibetan Pastoralists Manage Their Environment in the Time of Caterpillar Fungus Gathering Industry
Emilia Sulek, PhD Candidate, Humboldt University Berlin

Find out more about the SFT UK’s Environment Conference here.

Although this is an academic conference, all are welcome, as the aim is to raise awareness within the wider public. Admission is free, but registration is required. Seats are limited, so please register as soon as possible by sending an email to info@sftuk.org.