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The Darlingtons’ Big Guitar Revival

Published 6 June 2011

While having a drink with friends at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch, I came across The Darlingtons, a four-piece band likely to make a mark in the music industry as they bring guitar-driven indie-rock back to the charts.

The Darlingtons’ music is bold and the kind of sound that you either like it or love it; there is no room for disappointment. This four-piece band from Tauton displayed great energy on the stage of Bar Music Hall — where they played last Friday — demonstrating that guitar-driven bands are yet to be well-represented in nowadays charts.

This is a band that dares to write about escapism through misty atmospheres while shaping such lyrics in powerful melodies led by huge guitars. Besides, what makes this band interesting are the bass and drums joining the harmony, carrying out the beat in a fashion that resembles the likes of Sonic Youth.

Vocalist Kiran ‘Kiwi’ Roy is another plus for The Darlingtons. You could close your eyes and would probably think of David Bowie’s vocals. The Darlingtons’ singer has a low range voice that smoothly matches the ethereal feeling the band strikes in their songs. Drummer Chris Homes joins the chorus in such combination that compels you to sing along too. The band’s line-up completes with Dan Young in the leading guitar and bassist Alex ‘Biz’ Bispham.

“New independent” is The Darlingtons recently launched EP consisting of three tracks ready to blow your ears off with pure indie rock. The band signed up with Ordered Records and has planned gigs and festivals around the UK for this summer. They are warming up inspirations to go back to the studio to record their first album debut.

If you are fond of indie music and would like to taste a new wave of big guitars, check out The Darlingtons at http://thedarlingtons.bandcamp.com. Their next gig in London is at Comedy Pub on Jun 18th.