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Brunch at Kentish Canteen

BY Boon Koh
Published 3 July 2011
Our Review Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Kentish Canteen has been on my radar for quite  a while now, but until recently I didn’t have a reason to be in Kentish Town, and therefore have brunch at Kentish Canteen.

A few weeks back I was in Kentish Town on a Saturday, and went in to Kentish Canteen for brunch. The decor inside is modern and minimalistic, with bright colours throughout the place. I was surprised by the amount of light and space inside, in no small part due to the huge windows out front which even on a cloudy day let in lots of natural sunlight. One of my bugbears are cafes that are dingy with not a lot of natural light – if you’re going to relax and enjoy, you need the proper atmosphere for it.

The brunch menu at Kentish Canteen is pretty standard English breakfast stuff really. There’s scrambled eggs. Then there’s Eggs Benedict, Florentine, or Royale. Bubble n Squeak makes an appearance, as well as traditional Cumberland Sausages. Not really an inspiring brunch menu – so I went for my favourite of Eggs Benedict, and my partner went for Eggs Florentine. I know, not very adventurous there, but both of us really like poached eggs, something that I struggle myself to get right at home, so we have it as often as we can when outside!

To go with the dishes, I had a latte and my partner a pot of English tea. The latte was good, milky and smooth. Served on a tall glass cup, it provided some pre-meal-arrival amusement seeing the coffee and milk swirl inside.

Both our poached eggs were cooked just right, with a runny middle and a firm outside egg white. Both dishes were prepared well – but then again, any brunch chef should be able to cook eggs benedict and eggs florentine in their sleep. The hollandaise sauce was good  – well whisked and just the right consistency. Nice as it was, the ironic downfall of the dish was that it had way too much hollandaise sauce. Which when lathered over the poached eggs and toasted muffin below, meant that one had to take it all with the food, which in this case proved to be too much of a good thing. I spent quite some time trying to scrap off the excess hollandaise sauce.

Overall, it was a decent meal (hollandaise sauce apart), and service was quick and courteous. Kentish Canteen has one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen for brunch, and do try to get a table by the window if you can!

Kentish Canteen
Address: 300 Kentish Town Road, London NW52TG
Booking/Enquiry Tel: 0207 485 7331
Website: www.kentishcanteen.co.uk