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Review: 16″ West Brasserie in Greenwich

Published 27 October 2011

The worst part of the meal at the 16” West Brasserie was a perfectly cooked Char-grilled rib-eye steak with béarnaise sauce, needless to say, the overall of quality of the food was exceptionally high. 

Located in a fairly idiosyncratic location adjacent to the British Maritime Museum and overlooking Greenwich Park, the 16” West Brasserie offers an amazing dining location for those happy to venture some way outside central London.

In addition to great views of the park from inside the restaurant there is also a terrace, which would make for an ideal setting for a prolonged lunch in the summer.

As a homage to its association with the Greenwich Meridian Line, the name of the restaurant gives away its location: exactly 16 seconds west of the Line.


But enough about the location, you want to hear about the food. The Brasserie offers up a selection of locally sourced British food and the menu is made of traditional British staples done properly, but with the occasional continental twist.

To start, I had the Potted Severn & Wye “Hot smoked” salmon with Irish soda bread, which is essentially a light salmon pate-like spread served with fresh thick bread. For such a simple sounding dish it was surprisingly full of flavour and the simple combination of the sauce the salmon was presented in and the bread served as a great little warm up for the main course.

As already mentioned the main course was an absolutely perfectly cooked steak in a rich béarnaise sauce. If you opt for the steak don’t get mash like I did.  The chips, yes that most uninspiring of side dishes, were some of the best I’ve ever had.

The dessert was far and away the best thing of the evening, a Chocolate and honeycomb cheesecake, which despite appearing too small, was actually the perfect size after a relatively heavy meal. The cheesecake also came with some orange sauce which as all Terry’s chocolate orange fans know, goes great with anything chocolatey.

Though a little on the expensive side, considering the setting and the quality of the food, the 16” West Brasserie is a new landmark that the one of London’s most underappreciated areas can call it’s own.

The 16″ West Brasserie:

Address: 16″ West Brasserie, National Maritime Museum, Park Row, Greenwich SE10 9NF
Reservation Tel: 02 8312 8516
Website: www.16secondwest.co.uk