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Lastminute.com’s Top Secret Hotels, Restaurants, Theatre, and Cars

BY Boon Koh
Published 25 January 2012

A couple of years ago, I booked a Top Secret Hotel through Lastminute.com, where you don’t know the actual hotel until you book our stay – but in return you get great hotel rates that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

I was extremely impressed with the hotel I ended up with, which is the 5 star Grange St Paul’s Hotel, which is probably one of the best locations you can get. And all for only £85 per night! The Grange St Paul now normally goes for around £200 per night – probably the best hotel bargain I’ve ever had, all thanks to Lastminute’s Top Secret Hotels.

When I heard that Lastminute.com wee expanding their Top Secret Collection to not only include just hotels, but also Top Secret Restaurants, Top Secret Theatre Seats, and Top Secret Cars.

Top Secret Restaurants promise Michelin star dining for under £30, which means that apart from a minimum level of quality, its also some great savings off the regular price.

Top Secret Theatre Seats offer a seat in the top three seating bands for either £35 for a musical, or £27.50 for a West End player. Not bad – although the savings are not so great if you get the 3rd best price band of seats. And if you’ve already seen a bunch of musicals or plays – you might have to watch it again!

Top Secret Cars make for cheap car rental, although the discounts isn’t as great for this new Top Secret Collection – only a minimum promise of 10% off the regular price of the car you book. The cars come from reputable car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, Europcar, or Thrifty.

All these were featured during a two week event at the Getty Image Gallery in Soho, where a luxury hotel room from one of Lastminute.com’s Top Secret Hotels was recreated (see picture below), and free Top Secret cupcakes (see above), cocktails, massages, and amazing giveaways were handed out to those who went to chill out.

One tip I have is that if you really want to try to find out the anonymous hotel hiding behind the “Top Secret Hotel”  banner, there’s this thread on MoneySavingExpert that has a list of lots of Top Secret Hotels in London revealed – and also many hotels throughout the UK as well. Its a really useful reveal guide to know if you’re getting the quality – and the location – that you were hoping for before committing to purchasing a Top Secret Hotel.

As a foodie, I’m going to be trying out Lastminute.com’s Top Secret Restaurants, to help me on my goal at eating at every one of London’s Michelin starred restaurants. And I’ll be revealing what I get in the comments section below, so you can see a taster of what’s on offer – kind of like a “Lastminute.com Top Secret Restaurants Revealed” mini-feature!