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New Pizza Express Leggera Range – More On Top, Less On The Bottom

BY Boon Koh
Published 20 January 2012

The Leggera pizzas at Pizza Express have been a great success since they were introduced, and they’ve just been refreshed with new types! I’ve never had a Leggera pizza before, so I went to a blogger’s night they were holding to launch the new range.

So what makes a Leggera pizza different from a regular pizza? On first look, it just seems to be less of a pizza than a normal one – a hole cut in the middle of the base, and topped with rocket salad leaves. But actually, there’s more to a Leggera pizza than that – for one thing, the base is thinner. Only half the dough used for a normal sized pizza is use in a Leggera pizza. Secondly, there’s pretty much the same amount of toppings. And most importantly, for those who always leave the thick crusts uneaten, there is no crust! The fillings are spread out right to the end of the base.

The new Leggera pizzas are available in some of the classic Pizza Express flavours, like the American and the American Hot. But its also available in some interesting flavours, like Gustosa Leggera, which comes up posciutto cotto ham, light mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, yellow peppers, and thyme. Surprisingly, even with so many toppings, each Leggera pizza is only 500 calories (and 11 Weight Watchers points, for those who follow), which makes it perfect for a light dinner or if you want to save space for some starters or dessert!

Each pizza base is made from just a dough ball, with the pizzaiolo chefs at Pizza Express having to do all the kneading, rolling, and tossing of the pizzas by hand – which results in each pizza coming out of the oven being handmade and unique. It looks easy – but having tried my hand at it, I can say that I now know why the chefs need to be through a 12 week training course first!

So will I be ordering a Leggera pizza the next time I’m at Pizza Express? It surprisingly had lots of flavour even though it was billed as a “skinny” low calorie pizza. But as I’m not a big fan of rocket personally, having it heaped in the middle doesn’t help – but if I could get pomodoro tomatoes I might be tempted! Still, I can see myself maybe going for a Leggera pizza if having a working lunch where I want to try to stay awake in the afternoon at the office.

But whether you go for a Leggera or a standard pizza at Pizza Express, do try the Gustosa toppings, as they were heavenly!