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Probably the best Tamagoyaki in London at Soho Japan

BY Boon Koh
Published 29 January 2012
Our Review Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

I’m a big fan of tamagoyaki, which is a Japanese sweet egg rolled omelette – such a simple ingredient, a chicken egg, turned into something delicate and full of flavour. It was delightful then to find what is arguably the best tamagoyaki in London at the Soho Japan restaurant, although it breaks my heart that it might never be on the menu again.

And why might it not be on the menu again? Because it was never on the menu to begin with – scribbled on one of the numerous special-of-the-day chalkboards around Soho Japan, it might be something that the chef decided to cook up, maybe because he had some left over unagi eel. The special dish of the day was not just plain tamagoyaki, but rolled sweet egg omelette with pieces of marinated grilled eel within – another of my favourite Japanese dishes!

The sign of a good tamagoyaki is that just enough sugar should be added to bring out the natural sweetness from the egg, but not too much to overpower. Tamagoyaki, despite looking like just a cube of fried egg, take much skill, especially to make the layered texture effect. Typically served plain, this one came with bits of grilled eel inbetween, which itself provided some sweetness. Combined, it was like heaven – firm on the outside, still a bit gooey on the inside, with a different texture from the pieces of unagi inside. Absolutely delicious.

We did have other dishes at Soho Japan to round out our meal. I opted for a Chirashi – which is a rice bowl with slices of sashimi on top. The fish was fresh and tasty, but nothing compared to the tamagoyaki. We also had some baked aubergine with miso sauce, some takoyaki balls (grilled octopus) and a selection of sushi.

Price-wise, it definitely blows the budget out of the water. We had a voucher from LivingSocial, but without the voucher, the meal would have come up to around £70-£80. For 2 people. Quite a but when you consider that the restaurant is more of the cosy, intimate type that you go to for a quick lunch rather than a stunning, great decor dinner place – I’m thinking of Sake No Hana here. But just like Sake No Hana, you could probably find the same quality of food and dining experience cheaper elsewhere. Except for the Tamagoyaki. I’m going back to Soho Japan at some point, if only for that!

Soho Japan restaurant
Address: 52 Wells St, Soho, London W1T 3PR
Tel: 020 7323 4661
Website: www.sohojapan.co.uk