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Deliverance Food Delivery: Perfect For A Freezing Day

BY Boon Koh
Published 3 February 2012

Ever heard of Deliverance? If you have lived in London for a period of time, chances are that you have. Either as a current customer, someone who’s received one of their brochures, or seen one of their iconic delivery motorbikes across London.

I’ve lived in London for the past 8 years, and while I have heard of Deliverance, I had never given them a try, until now. One of the reasons why I hadn’t tried Deliverance so far is also one of their key selling points – they can deliver, right to your doorstep, a whole range of different cuisines from one menu, in one tidy package:

That’s something that your local curry, pizza place, or Chinese takeaway can’t. However, one of my key foodie mantras is that any place serving more than one kind of cuisine simultaneously is best avoided, for obvious reasons.

Well, Deliverance impressed me, but also underwhelmed me. The impressive bit: the quality of the food and ingredients is definitely higher than what you would typically get from your local takeaway. And it is one of Deliverance’s key selling points – that they do good takeaway food. Their peking duck pancakes is a good case in point – great crispy quarter duck, with a great hoisin sauce and fresh cucumber slices:

However, my first try at Deliverance also underwhelmed – my cashew and mushroom stirfry with prawns was bland, except for the taste of onion, which completely overpowered the dish. Even from my local Chinese takeaway or a £4.99 Chinese buffet in Chinatown, I have never seen that high an onion-to-dish ratio. It took ages to try to fish out all the little bits of mushrooms (which, actually, was an impressive selection of exotic mushrooms) and cashews and prawns, and then for it all to taste so onion-y. And it cost £9.40 too – definitely not good value for money.

I would venture to say that Deliverance probably isn’t that good a choice for Chinese food – and having never tried their other cuisines (like Japanese, Italian, American Grill), it might be that those are mind-blowingly great. The Deliverance burger definitely sounded interesting – so did some of the pastas on offer, as well the thai green curries.

Deliverance is slightly on the pricey side too – almost approaching the price you would pay to eat in a restaurant, and of course soggy food that’s spent 20-30 minutes from kitchen to your door can’t really beat under a minute that you get in a restaurant. But then again, in these freezing cold winter days, getting food right to your doorstep without having to step out of your bunny slippers is a big bonus.

The quality of the food at Deliverance is no doubt higher than the majority of takeaways – the ingredients are fresher, the dishes are more refined, and the choice is definitely there. Have a family that all want different cuisines? The Deliverance food menu has over six different major cuisines on it. But I think I am going to stick to my system of ordering delivery from single-cuisine restaurants for the foreseeable future – that is, until I inevitably have a pair of picky eaters for kids.