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Review: Interactive Tables at Inamo Restaurant

Published 2 February 2012

Twelve days into the new year and not a drop of alcohol had touched my lips..”yet” she says! I knew that my Thursday night outing would bend these rules a little. It was a chance to enjoy a girly catch up with Amy who I work with and Natalie who used to work with us. The three of us last went out in the Summer so white wine and catch ups were definitely in order.

Amy and I caught the tube and after a round about way of getting there, (lets just say we had a little trouble with Google Maps) we arrived at Inamo Restaurant, situated on Wardour Street in the heart of Soho.

Inamo has the unique concept of interactive tables. Whether technology can replace a waiter altogether I am not so sure, however this fun, quirky and futuristic feature is certainly a talking point. I especially recommend this restaurant for those on a first date. If the dreaded “awkward silence” strikes, then you can always just talk about the table!

In person (thankfully), a member of staff politely showed us how the concept works. Before we knew it, we had a bottle of wine on order and a variety of small and main dishes being prepared. Some of the fabulous features that the projector style table technology allows are fantastic. At the most basic level, you have the ability to view the entire food and drinks menu but you can also place your order, browse the sumptuous pictures of the food, change the aesthetic look of the table setting, view your bill, view into the kitchen on a “chef cam” and even order a taxi home when you need one.

Along with the interactive tables, the cuisine itself is also unique. I would personally describe it as Asian fusion tapas style dishes with a twist.

Although the portions are not plentiful, the quality of the flavours and ingredients are tantalising, and awaken your taste buds. The food allows for your palette to pick up each flavour within the dishes, leaving you definitely wanting more in a positive way.

We ordered a bottle of Piero White wine to share at a very reasonable £17. This Spanish 2006 wine is described on the menu as a dry, crisp white, displaying citrus fruit and graceful flowery notes. As it was January, where cash flow is a little tight after the Christmas splurge, we opted for this bottle because it was the cheapest. Having said that, we liked it so much we ordered another shortly after!

Natalie is not a lover of beef so as the general consensus is to share the dishes, we chose a variety of seafood, vegetarian and fish dishes to share, all of which I highly recommend others to try.

The Vegetarian Maki – asparagus and cucumber maki wrapped in peppers and avocado. The vegetables still had texture and bite which made this vegetarian option a winner.

Baby crispy prawns, lightly battered with Thai mango relish. The dipping sauce was refreshing with the hint of a spicy kick.

Salmon and avocado ceviche with citrus and chili. This was served as dainty cubes of diced and marinated salmon and perfectly ripe avocado with citrus and chili flavours to uplift the dish.

Black bean tuna with wasabi served on pickled mouli with cucumber and miso dressing. Three small individual bites (one each as we were sharing). This was my personal favourite with delicate flavours, and was the dish that left me wanting more!

Black cod with spicy miso – the sweet sticky sauce makes this dish incredibly moreish. I was having a little trouble picking enough up with my chopsticks, however that is just down to the fact I need more practise!

Our side orders were steamed rice and bok choi with oyster sauce.

Before you mind starts to wonder thinking how the food will mysteriously make it’s way to you – Will it be by robot? By machine? By conveyor belt? – I can confirm that there are indeed humans employed in the restaurant , tasked with bringing you your food once prepared by the kitchen!

Our table was booked for an hour and a half slot, so when this was up, we happily moved into the basement bar downstairs to enjoy some more wine, gossip and giggles with each other.

Our total bill came to £34 each including drinks which was a mini middle-of-the-week treat. A recommended one-off eating experience, which certainly pushed our buttons in the right places!

Inamo Japanese Restaurant
Address: 134-136 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1F 8ZP
Telephone: 020 7851 7051
Website: www.inamo-restaurant.com

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