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Snow Day in London: Things To Do in London & Where To Go

Published 5 February 2012

With the first snowfall in London this winter, Saturday, 4th February 2012 evening has been spent sitting by the window watching the snow fall! Now that we’re nice and warm indoors for the night, what should you do on Sunday to take advantage of all this snow?

1) The indoors option
Visit the museums in South Kensington! Once you step off the tropical Piccadilly line at South Ken station (make sure to check the tube status to make sure it is still working on a snow day), its only a brief few minutes walk to the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, or the V&A museum for a whole day of warm, intellectual fun.

2) Freeze my socks off option
Go to Greenwich Park and do some tobogganing down the hill! You’ll need the basic equipment – some kind of hard plastic shaped like a shield to sit on, but its so much fun, especially if you have kids. Its like sledding, and works as well on any hilly slope covered with snow, so some of the other parks in London might be perfect for some tobogganing too.

3) Warm & toasty option
Go to a pub with a real fireplace in London and spend the afternoon there for a Sunday roast, a pint, and the Chelsea vs Man Utd game! Three pubs in London with a real fireplace are the Earl Spencer, Holly Bush, and Three Kings of Clerkenwell.

4) I like to do things weird option
If all the snowfall has made you long to go skiing or snowboarding, then be ironic and go to the indoor snow dome in Milton Keynes, where you can ski and snowboard to your heart’s content… on artificially generated snow. When its snowing for real in London. Sounds crazy – but hey, if you gotta hit the slopes, you gotta hit the slopes!

5) Enjoy the snow like a normal person
Head out to the nearest green open area tomorrow morning, where you’ll likely find other Londoners with similar thoughts (or who’ve read this article) and build a snowman together, have a snowball fight, or make angels in the snow! Get to know your neighbours while jointly clearing the sidewalks, and maybe even have a BBQ in the garden to prove the man vs nature argument once and for all.

But whatever you do, don’t waste what might be the only snow day of this winter, and go enjoy yourself! Life is too short, and this snowfall is even shorter. So what are your plans for taking advantage of this snow covered day in London? Let us know by leaving a comment below!